How To Be A Dick

Now reading: How to Ride Dick Like a Champ

Riding dick can be a pleasurable experience for everyone involved, but not everyone feels confident or comfortable doing it. Whether it’s physical or mental barriers, there are ways to overcome them and ride like a champ. Here are some tips for riding dick like a pro:

  1. Build Your Confidence – One of the biggest secrets to having an amazing sexual experience is feeling confident. Don’t worry about your body weight or size. Wear flattering lingerie, set the mood with dim light and scent, and don’t be shy to express your desires and add a little dirty talk to stir up the fire. If you struggle with bringing out the naughty side of you, try having a drink or two to loosen up.
  2. Get Comfortable – Not everyone is comfortable with girl-on-top positions, but there are many ways to make the experience more pleasurable. Explore different girl-on-top positions such as classic cowgirl, crouching cowgirl, leaned-back reverse cowgirl, or dead guy’s cowgirl. Elevating your partner’s ass with a pillow can also save some energy and make the penetration deeper.
  3.  Prevent Jackhammering – Start things off slowly and get the vibes flowing. Ease yourself down slowly, find the right angle, and let your pelvis match your partner’s. Switch up your pace multiple times to add spice to the experience, and be careful not to slip out to avoid penile fracture and other injuries.
  4. Change Between Bouncing and Grinding – Use a mixture of grinding and bouncing to blow your partner’s mind. Grinding can align your clitoris with his pubic bone and provide clitoral stimulation, while bouncing gives your partner a sensation like he’s the one thrusting into you. Switching between the two movements can lead to a mind-blowing orgasm.
  5. Keep Your Hands Busy – Support yourself or offer satisfaction to keep your hands occupied. Depending on your position, you can support yourself on your partner or the bed. You can also play with his balls as you ride to drive him crazy.
  6. Discover Your Rhythm – Moving out of sync can ruin the moment. Discover your rhythm and move with the flow. Be confident, comfortable, and communicate with your partner. With these tips, you’ll be riding dick like a champ in no time.