How To Be A Dick

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‘Let’s speak about sex, baby, let’s talk about you and me, let’s talk about all the good ideas …’.

Is it a steamy moment with a hot enthusiast? Either method, sex is a pleasurable activity that must be delighted in by everyone who takes part, no matter how you choose to do “it.”.

That stated, there are great deals of amazing sex positions to check out, consisting of missionary, doggie-style, cowgirl, and more. Dick riding or woman on top is a common name for numerous positions where the woman, or the vagina bearer, is on top of her sexual partner. Examples include:.

  • Cowgirl.
  • Lazy guy.
  • Wrapped lotus.
  • Reverse cowgirl.

Obviously, these positions feeling great is contingent upon whether or not you can actually do them. Some individuals struggle to ride their partner, whether it be for physical reasons or even mental in many cases.

Are you one of the many people who struggles while riding dick? Here are some suggestions for riding like a champ, no matter your body type!

Build Your Confidence.

Self-confidence is amongst the biggest secrets to having an astonishing sexual experience. Fretting about your stretch marks, the dimples on your bum or your tummy rolls will instantly kill your confidence and mood.

You ought to feel hot and desirable despite your body weight and size. If you wish, enhance your self-confidence by using flattering lingerie and setting the mood with dim light and scent.

Talk to your partner, express your desires, and don’t be shy to add a little unclean talk here and there to stir up the fire. Attempt a drink or more if you have difficulty bringing out the naughty woman in you. The drink will help you conquer your psychological barriers and boost your self-confidence.

If you’re too shy to make eye contact throughout the deed, spice it up by bringing blindfolds into the game. Anticipation will make your partner desire more while cutting off eye contact. Much better still, get a full-length mirror where you can watch yourself in action; it will help you overcome the eye contact phobia, increase your confidence, and make the minute more sexual.

Get Comfortable.

Not everybody is comfy with girl-on-top positions. However, the bright side is that there are numerous ways to ride that cock conveniently. You can attempt any of the following techniques to make your riding experience more pleasurable:.

Explore Different Girl-on-top Positions.

There’s a sex position for everyone, and here are a few girl-on-top positions you can check out depending upon your interests:.

Classic cowgirl– allows you to be in control and get optimal penetration.
Crouching cowgirl– helps with the intro of sex toys and has less of a thigh burn compared to classic cowgirl.
Leaned-back reverse cowgirl– enables your partner to have fun with your clit and breasts as you bounce.
Dead guy’s cowgirl– an extremely intimate position with shallow penetration and optimum clitoral stimulation as you glide up and down on your partner.

Elevate His Ass.

There’s a lot of movement connected with riding a cock, however you can save some energy by elevating his ass. If you put a pillow below your partner, the penetration will be deeper, with less up and down motion. Less motion conserves your energy and prevents excessive thigh straining, making you last longer in position.

Prevent Jackhammering.

There’s no need to hurry things unless you’re having a quickie. Hopping on the dick and riding like a Tazmanian Devil kills the state of mind, and you could risk injuring yourself or your partner. Rather, begin things off gradually and get the vibes flowing.

Be careful when resting on it; ease yourself down slowly, discover the right angle, and let your pelvis match his. You can begin riding gradually and develop the accelerate as you get more into playtime. Switch up your pace multiple times to include spice to the experience. If you ride more enthusiastically, guarantee the dick does not slip out to prevent penile fracture and other injuries.

Change Between Bouncing and grinding.

You can use 2 methods to blow your man’s mind when cock riding: grinding on his penis by rolling your hips and bouncing up on down on the cock. A mixture of both grinding and bouncing feels best for both of you.

When grinding, you can align your clitoris with his pubic bone and gain from clitoral stimulation, while bouncing offers your guy a sensation like he’s the one thrusting into you. The various experiences from the 2 movements can quickly turn into a mind-blowing orgasm from clitoral/G-spot stimulation and friction.

Grinding is an excellent option as it takes the pressure off your feet if you’re having a hard time remaining on your feet for long. Bouncing on the dick repeatedly requires you to squat over him while grinding has your body resting on him. Switching up saves you from straining your thighs and makes you last longer.

Keep Your Hands Busy.

You can’t just cross your hands while riding, as that would be quite weird. Fortunately, there are many methods you can keep your hands occupied by either supporting yourself or offering satisfaction. In addition, supporting yourself distributes your body weight and alleviates your legs of stress.

Depending on your position, you can support yourself on your man or the bed. You can get the headboard or support yourself on his chest while in a position such as cowgirl.

In reverse facing riding positions, support yourself on his knees or bend and hold the bed as you provide him a view of your marvelous booty. Do you want to drive your guy completely crazy? Connect to have fun with his balls as you ride. Let your touch be soft as you let him soak in your pussy power.

Discovering Your Rhythm.

Moving out of sync makes it hard to build an orgasm. Rather, find a great consistent beat that arouses both of you, and switch it up occasionally. There’s no enjoyment in turning yourself into a contortionist, so be mild and take a break if you need to.

Sometimes both of you may want to be active in the game, with you grinding and him pumping from below. This might be enjoyable but may not lead to an orgasm. Let him do all the work as you revel in the moment’s magic.

A little raise yourself from the bed and offer your man area to please you. Attempt to sync with your Kegels and let the happiness of the moment join you. Pumping from listed below might be a bit more challenging than the reverse, but it’s an excellent way to change things up and let you relax prior to returning to it.

Have fun!

Be mindful when sitting on it; ease yourself down gradually, discover the right angle, and let your hips match his. Let your touch be soft as you let him soak in your pussy power. Let him do all the work as you revel in the minute’s magic. Try to sync with your Kegels and let the joy of the minute join you. Pumping from listed below may be a little more tough than the reverse, but it’s a great way to switch things up and let you unwind before going back to it.