A 34-year-old single woman in the tech industry laments her failure to find love and talks about what men find.

A 34-year-old professional woman recently shared her difficulties in finding a boyfriend. Despite showcasing her financial status and career success, she found it challenging to find discussions about femininity, dating, and masculinity. Men typically look for women who are feminine, sweet, caring, and motherly as their first preference, rather than a woman’s career achievements. Even if men don’t express it on their dating profiles, they are searching for a biological match, a woman who can give birth and is attractive to males. Men prefer feminine women because it allows them to connect with their natural masculinity.

Someone responded to this woman’s tweet with a Gloria Steinem quote: “We are becoming the men we wanted to marry.” This quote perfectly sums up the woman’s struggles in finding love. She is looking for a man who is successful, rich, powerful, and experienced. However, men do not want to date or marry their idealized version of a woman.

It is interesting to note that the woman who shared her story has traveled extensively and has had many life experiences around the world. Social media personality Andrew Tate has previously spoken on podcasts about what men desire in women. According to Tate, men want to be the gateway to the world for women. This is the reason why men often prefer younger women who have less experience and exposure to the world. Younger women may be more innocent and pure, which naturally attracts men.

However, this does not mean that women should not travel or see the world. Women should showcase their good qualities, femininity, and beauty without continuously bragging about their professional success. They should display their soft and innocent side to men if they want to attract them. In conclusion, men prefer feminine women who are sweet, caring, and motherly, as they allow them to connect with their natural masculinity.