National Underwear Day Edition

What Your Lingerie Says About You – National Underwear Day Edition!

August 5th is National Underwear Day, so why not commemorate it by talking about sexy underwear? It’s no secret that hot lingerie can be found, however, it’s not the only reason that people wear it. Sometimes, it’s an opportunity to increase confidence or attract someone who is interested, or to create the perfect accessory for a night out with the girls. In other instances, you might just like to showcase it on social media or in person, as it pops through your clothes. Whatever the case, different styles of lingerie can suit various individuals. Let’s take a look at some of the most sought-after lingerie styles and what they can tell you about yourself.

One-Piece Lingerie

One-piece lingerie is ideal for those who feel confident and have a little edge to their look. Many also like the way this kind of lingerie flatters their body, particularly when paired with the appropriate accessories. Although sometimes seen as an unfashionable choice, women who appreciate organization, smooth processes, and control usually prefer a one-piece.


Although corsets are technically part of the category of lingerie, they can also be used as a top which can turn heads when you go out in public. Corset wearers are often loyal to their closest friends, and often gravitate towards sparkling clothing or clothes which are more traditional in their design.

Tomboy Lingerie

Fashion trends are changing and the tomboy fashion is more well-known than ever. If boy-shorts, T-shirts, or large underwear suits your personality and style, then go for it. Roomy and comfortable, this style is perfect for stepping into challenging sexual positions. It can also be pleasing on many kinds of bodies.

Bralette & Panties

Classic comfort is always fashionable because you can effortlessly put them on under your everyday clothes while the rest of the world isn’t much more knowledgeable. Many people opt to wear their tops with bottoms, while others are more interested in grabbing what’s on the market and wearing it confidently. Beautiful, simple and comfortable, women typically have a better time in their less casual clothing than more expensive ones.

No Lingerie at All

Doesn’t lingerie count as lingerie? Perhaps not, but it’s still damn sexy. The exhibitionists are hot, and when someone begins to take off your clothing or you ask them to pull down your pants, and nothing is there, it’s a turn-on. The term “no lingerie,” also known as going commando, is a major attraction for a lot of people. However, it could be somewhat tricky if you are soaking wet in the water, so you should be careful when you’re outside in public. Wearing panties underneath your skirt could make you look hotter, as long as you’re not showing a Sharon Stone moment to anyone apart from your date. You might also want to pick a look that doesn’t cause spills of nipples or accidental views at the wrong places.

Sexy Robes

If you’re doing it at the comfort of your own home or out on vacation, it’s possible to tap into your flamboyant side by wearing a formal robe that has no clothing underneath. It doesn’t only provide easy access, but it also allows for an ideal escape plan if you get hot on a beach that you thought was private. Also, whether you’re a problem solver, risk-taker or someone who is more comfortable with no underwear, a robe can be the best option.

Garter Belts and Bold Styles

Many people enjoy wearing lingerie that makes an impact. Bold colors, prints, and patterns in striking underwear can all be used to create a statement and ensure that you’re unforgettable. Whether you choose to feel more in control, feminine in the bedroom, or confident and stylish in your fashion, garter belts and thigh highs are great options.

What Different Colors Mean

You can tell something about someone from the color of their lingerie, and it can be sexually attractive to try to solve that puzzle!

Black lingerie is simple, bold, and confident. People who wear black lingerie are often dominant in relationships, but they can also appreciate being submissive.

White lingerie is elegant and clean. Women who opt for white lingerie are often romantic at heart and kind and compassionate, making friends easily in casual sex, short-term relationships, as well as long-term relationships like weddings. White lingerie is also versatile and can be worn under most clothes.

Red lingerie is a symbol of passion and enthusiasm. It’s magnetic, and although not as discreet as other hues, many wearers don’t care if others notice it. Confident in their appearance, those who wear red lingerie are eager to flaunt their personality, appearance, and passions.

Brightly colored lingerie is usually preferred by those who like to be the center of attention. It’s a hit and shows off an individual’s personality. People who wear colorful lingerie are typically willing to try anything, including exploring fantasies, fetishes, and more.

Nude lingerie may seem impractical to some, but those who wear it are usually relaxed, laid-back, and at ease with themselves. It’s a classic look, often used by those who love vintage clothing, low necklines, dresses with slits, and more.

What’s your favorite kind of lingerie, and why?