Police body cam video

Police body cam video shows chase of sex trafficker in Miami Beach

The US Department of Justice on Tuesday released surveillance footage of Miami Beach police, who helped arrest a Miami Beach woman and a 17-year-old girl convicted of sex trafficking.

Anthony Bernard Carter was charged in September 2020 at the age of 28.

Authorities said he sold two victims in Atlanta in January 2020 before traveling to South Florida for that year’s Super Bowl.

“Carter attracted the attention of law enforcement after taking the girl to a hotel to meet a customer who was actually an officer with the Miami Beach Police Department,” the Justice Department said. know in a statement. When law enforcement tried to arrest Carter, he fled law enforcement and nearly hit several pedestrians before the vehicle he was driving derailed.

In the video you can hear the police statement: “He jumped – jumped. Someone was in 15th and 16th place.

CCTV footage shown by Local 10 News shows Carter speeding through a traffic light at an intersection, nearly missing some pedestrians.

Police say Carter ended up crashing his car on 17th Street east of Collins Avenue and fleeing on foot.

“He jumped onto the beach, we don’t have photos, we don’t have photos, the car was hit,” the official said in the video.

Police later arrested Carter in Atlanta.

In July, a federal grand jury found him on multiple sex trafficking charges.

A federal judge later sentenced Carter to 25 years in prison