Can you orgasm without touching?

Some people believe that the ultimate goal of a sexual experience is orgasm. This may not apply to everyone, but most of us can agree that orgasms are often the desired outcome of sex, regardless of who you are. While most of us associate orgasmic pleasure with the physical contact needed to achieve orgasm, some people claim to experience orgasm without physical contact. Further investigation is needed to determine the validity of such claims and how they work.

Celebrities claim they can achieve orgasm through their thoughts alone.

Lady Gaga and TikTok influencer Maya Ansar claim they can achieve orgasm through their thoughts alone and insist that they don’t require physical stimulation. Maya Ansar revealed in a recent interview with Vice that she discovered she could “do anything” years ago. According to the interview, Ansar often has orgasms in her dreams and then realizes she can achieve the same when she wakes up.

In the early 1990s, research showed that women could achieve orgasm without physical stimulation. To date, the ability to achieve orgasm without physical contact has not been proven in humans, but research is still ongoing.

People who claim to achieve orgasm this way say it provides many of the same sensations as orgasms induced by physical contact, but there can be some differences. Regardless, all bodies are capable of orgasm, and that’s what most people mean when they talk about orgasm. “They want to feel good, and people use their thoughts to feel good,” said one expert.

Some people train themselves to achieve orgasm without physical contact through their dreams.

The method for achieving orgasm without physical contact is different for each person. However, many people eventually realize that they begin to have sexual dreams in order to learn how to stimulate themselves without touching.

Most people have some kind of sexual dream in their life. Sometimes the dreams are unpleasant, but more often they are pleasant and harmless events. After waking up from a dream, some people find that their body and mind respond physiologically to the dream. This physical response cannot be controlled, but the sensation is usually pleasant. This dream could be the best way to help people understand how to achieve orgasm without physical contact.

Connecting the mind and spirit to another sexual experience is said to be the best expression of all that is good about sex. Combining the physical pleasure of sex with the mental and even spiritual connection created through non-physical stimulation allows people to enjoy the full sexual experience.

Next time you wake up from a dream about sex, you should record as many sensations as you can and store them somewhere in your brain. This may be the only time you experience an immaterial orgasm while awake.

What is it like?

People who have never experienced a physically stimulating orgasm are often surprised at what they feel and want. To understand the experience, we must rely on those who have enjoyed it.

Several people told Bustle about their experience and they all had individual orgasmic results. Here are some:

  • Alicia Von says it feels like an electric current runs through her body when she orgasms without physical stimulation. She describes it as “a full-body experience that nothing she knows can be reproduced.”
  • Tanya Simirenko told the magazine that her orgasms are triggered by words alone – just by hearing certain words, she can achieve an orgasm without touching herself.
  • Felicity, 29, said she achieved a full orgasm after watching a video about hypnosis designed to help people achieve it.

If you’ve never experienced an orgasm without physical stimulation, this idea may seem foreign to you. However, it is another aspect of human sexuality that can be interesting. It may not be possible for everyone, and not everyone may want to try it, but it’s good to know that it’s possible for those who want to explore it.