Love for Christmas

Love for Christmas

It was silent as the poppy seed sowed. Love was in the air.

“Come on,” I said.

I was lying on the floor with my head under the Christmas tree. I saw your legs and calves on the coffee table, but I had to ask you twice now to come and lie down next to me on the carpet.

“Hey,” he said with a smile. – What a nice surprise to meet you like this.

You kissed me quickly.

– How beautiful. Check out all the lights, I muttered. I looked at the lamps, it seemed to me that there are a million, small white points hidden between the needles of spruce. I looked at you. I felt love.

– Hey! You’re not looking!

– But I am looking!

– You’re looking, but at me! – I admitted. – It doesn’t count! I rolled over to be able to look at you. My arm was touching the lowest branches of the tree. – Take a look. It is such a beautiful sight.

“Oh, I agree,” you muttered, drawing me to you. – Really beautiful. Forgive me, I don’t want to get hit in the eye with a needle.

“Okay, fagot,” I smiled. – So let’s get out from under this dangerous tree before it attacks us.

We lay on the couch, kissing lazily, and my only thoughts were that I wish it were Christmas. I was looking forward to being able to give you the gifts that I wrapped (weakly but vigorously) ages ago. I kept asking you if maybe you’d like to open one, little one, but you were stubborn and said you wouldn’t open one until Christmas Eve.

“But there’s still eternity left until Christmas Eve!” I whined like a child, a little teasing and a little real. Then an idea occurred to me.

“I have one gift that you will want to open now,” I encouraged.

I sat down on the coffee table for you to watch. I was wearing a corset bodysuit and no bra underneath, so it was easy to take them off, pulling them down so that my hard nipples pierced the thin fabric as I fumbled with the hooks with one hand. I pinched my right nipple hard through the fabric of my outfit and you groaned. Lights flickered on my skin as I took my hands out of my sleeves. Then I took off my jeans and panties. I hadn’t figured out how to take off my pants in a sexy way yet, so I tried to distract you by standing up and leaning in, my lips right next to your sweatpants, and I pulled them down with my hand and tossed them aside. I was naked, but I did it all the time. There is something about feeling your hardness through the barrier of your clothes, as if we are doing something illegal. I loved you, yes it was really love.

You were breathing hard, leaning forward to watch my naked tits and neck.

“I … Hmmm … I …” You stuttered, and I smiled at you. I was wondering what you are thinking about now. Is my love reciprocated? I’m sure. I guess … – I thought you had something for me to unpack.

I chuckled.

– Well, not really. I told you you’d get something you like.

And as I said that, I turned around and pushed my elbows on the coffee table, and my butt was stuck out just in front of your face.

I reached back and ran my hand over my buttocks in case you didn’t get my hint. I didn’t have to worry about it because before I had the chance to finish it, I felt your hands on my waist and your lips against the base of my spine.

For some reason, I expected you to put it on me right away, but that’s not your style. I groaned, my hair brushing the table, and I felt you gently opening me for a better view. Your thumbs on my clitoris and your lips gently caressing my skin.

– Oh! I repeated again and again, always in a different tone, and your tongue teased me. I felt you kiss the inside of my thigh.

– We are going to bed? – you asked.

I laughed as I straightened and you hugged me from behind.

– Yes, because the blood is starting to rush to my head.

– Mmm, I know that feeling. – You whispered, and I heard you laughing.

In the bedroom, I helped you undress which made it take a lot longer, but it was more fun. I couldn’t help but take your cock in my mouth because it was too close when I sat on the edge of the bed in front of you. I guess it really was love.

I grabbed your hand and placed it on the back of my neck, softly asking you to help me take it deeper. I love the feeling when the tip of your dick hits my throat and then, gently slides in, slowly and deeply. It reminds me a lot of what it feels like having you in a different wet place, and the association makes me wet right away. You still can’t believe this is my favorite type of foreplay. But this time you had other plans.

It was as if we were playing twister. Your one hand made circles around my breasts, caressing my nipples until I was completely on fire. The other hand is deep inside me – a few fingers here, a few fingers there, gently squirming inside and pressing against the walls, as gently as an anemone. Your lips … oh god, your lips … I won’t even remember what you did with them, because I immediately feel stupid … licking, irritating, sucking … as if my pussy and your lips were one.

Back in the day, most guys were proud when they could get me to orgasm, but not you. You tease me and play with me, you feel the fulfillment gather in me, but you don’t let it come to the surface, you deny me this pleasure until I start pleading with you. Sometimes without words, squirming and panting, I try to experience this wonderful touch for a second longer. Sometimes you overdo it and then I lose all control and start to shamelessly beg you, saying:

– Please let me come … Please … Please … Please!

I clench my hands into fists and my fingernails imprint a crescent moon on the skin of my hand, but I don’t notice it until much later. It is such a nice souvenir.

It was one of those times. When you finally let me come, I felt like I was about to cry with great force. I trembled, and my body tensed and arched in a pathetic parody of a squat. I felt delight, but also a great love for you.

If it were up to you, you’d probably let me rest a minute longer, but I was too excited about being so wet and knowing that you too were already wet and filmed.

“Come to me,” I said once more, in a voice with a tone of anticipation. – You know what I want.

You took my hand and kissed me. I felt my taste on your lips.

“Tell me,” you insisted.

I wasn’t sure if you didn’t know if you just wanted to hear me say it. It was probably a combination of both, but I didn’t ask, I let my desire take over my mouth.

– I want you to fuck my ass. I want to feel you inside me. I’m so wet, I know you can step right in with me. I want you to come in my butt.

Just saying these words made me even more excited. If it hadn’t been for your lips covering mine with a passionate kiss, I wouldn’t have stopped at all. We groaned and panted as if we were already doing it.

When you stopped kissing me, I didn’t say anything, but I pushed forward so that we swapped places. I didn’t want you to worry about hurting me. I put my hand on your cheek and looked deep into your eyes.

– Now? – I asked.

You couldn’t even answer, you just nodded and let out a choked breath.

I reached down to spread my pussy juices all the way to my ass with my hand, but it really was unnecessary. I spread the rest on your dick, which was already slippery. For a moment I tried to steer you to the right place, and once you got there you slipped inside me like a cue ball and I felt the same satisfaction as if I had just won a game.

I remembered to relax and breathe deeply as you stepped into me, stretching. But once you were inside I started tightening my muscles around your cock. I leaned forward and rolled my hips in slow eighths, kissing your neck, tasting the warm, salty skin.

– That’s an interesting variation on sitting on Santa’s lap, right? But that’s what bad girls want the most. Well, they want that love too. ”I laughed, then sighed as your hips hit mine, pulling me closer to you and plunging your cock even deeper into me.

– Oho, I just feel how bad you want it, bad girl. You’re SO wet … – you muttered.

My hand tightened on your shoulder.

– Oh! Oh! God! “I paused to catch my breath.” You know I can’t think when you talk to me like that.

“Oh, so is this my talk working on you?” And… I thought… that… this… fucking… ”you said slyly, exhaling, pulling me to you again. I screamed.

I leaned forward, making a few shallow movements, savoring the head of your dick pressing against my entrance, but my selfishness didn’t let it last long. I began making long, deep movements again, flexing my clitoris against you, causing little jolts of pleasure. I whined and clenched my muscles on your cock. I couldn’t speak, couldn’t think, I was starting to move faster and faster as our hips hit each other. You tightened your hands in my hair, whispering in my ear and asking me not to stop.

My voice sounded strange to me, shivers of pleasure ran down my skin. I could feel my orgasm approaching, but there was nothing I could do about it. But you knew what was coming and slipped your hand between our hot, sweaty bodies to touch me.

It was almost a relief to feel me approach the edge. It was exactly as if I was losing the ground under my feet. I clenched at you with minimal movements, so strong it was almost painful. You came seconds later. I’m not sure if you were waiting for me like a gentleman or if it was my own orgasm that caused you to shoot. I couldn’t focus on you more than the toy, I was so engrossed in myself.

When I was able to catch my breath, I looked at you shyly, as if I wanted to reward you for being so focused on myself. You moved inside me, and I twitched, suddenly oversensitive to stimuli. I rested my head against your chest, just for a moment, arched my back like a cat and listening to your accelerated heartbeat.

It looked like Christmas would be very merry. After all, I had the greatest gift I could imagine – your love.