Sex offers that tempted me

Sex offers that tempted me

I already had my shoes on. I was ready to go. I was holding the keys in my hand. I waited all day for your order, for your sex offers, always so generous and thoughtful. The thought of me being at your finger tip made my panties wet. I’ve been excited for hours now. Now that that moment had finally come, I felt myself getting even wetter and more excited. I licked my mouth, my heart clenched in my throat, and my blood circulated like hot lava. I was turned on and ready for whatever you gave me. I have always been tempted by your sex offers.

When I got to your house, I parked on the sidewalk. As I approached the front door, I looked at the phone. I got one more message from you:

“Take off your clothes and leave all your clothes in the car. Then walk across the backyard and stand at the back door of the house. “

I swallowed loudly and blushed. What if someone sees me? How long will I have to wait for her? What kind of sex offer is she plotting for me? However, I couldn’t answer any of these questions anyway. My desire to please her was stronger than any fear anyway. I could really do anything to hear that I did well. I took off everything I was wearing. I left my clothes in the backseat. I took a deep breath for courage. I grabbed the keys and the phone. Then I got out of the car and ran across the yard completely naked. I had my back to the street so the neighbors couldn’t see me. Although, maybe one of them was looking out the window and saw me. I stood facing close to the door. I was hoping no one would see me. It was just before sunset. I had to turn to the sun to catch the last rays. I didn’t want to completely cool off. The nipples hardened. I don’t know if it’s because of the cold or my thoughts. I don’t know how long I was standing there. However, I managed to see the sunset. Then it was completely dark.

I was starting to wonder if you were going to make me stand there all night. After a while, I heard the door open behind me. I turned over my shoulder. Suddenly you gripped my hair tight and held me tight. You made me stand where I was standing. Then you reached over my chin and lifted it up. I felt a warm breath against my ear. Then I heard your voice:

“Did I make you turn around?”

“No, ma’am. Sorry.” – I replied.

You took your keys and phone from my hand. You let go of my hair and shut the door. I was alone again. Who knows for how long. I knew it would be better if I didn’t turn around. Just in case. So I stood still as a rock. I waited for more tips. There was complete darkness. I didn’t even notice when you put a silk blindfold on my eyes. But I felt when you were tying it. I bit my lip then. Then I got a leather collar that tightened around my neck. My heart began to beat faster. I felt that I was all yours. You grabbed my collar and pulled me inside. You slammed the door. You started to pull me in the opposite direction. I knew your house well, so I knew we were going to your room. When we got there, you let me go.

“Sit down.” “You ordered and pushed me backwards.” “I know you’ve always liked my sex deals on page . I hope you will like it.” – She added.

I found myself on a hard wooden chair. It was cold. My naked skin felt it even more. It took you exactly a minute to pin this chair to me. You’ve immobilized every part of my body – forearms, wrists, ankles and thighs. My legs were spread. I stretched my body as much as I could to get used to this restricted position. My limbs were so tense that I couldn’t move even an inch. Knowing that I was completely subject to your will, I felt my wet pussy get excited.

“You can fidget as much as you want. It won’t help you anyway. ” – I heard.

I felt that you were right on my shoulder. Then there was complete silence. You put headphones over my ears that blocked out any sound from outside. Now I was hearing soft instrumental music. You stroked my hair and disappeared. I didn’t hear, didn’t see, didn’t feel. I didn’t know what to expect.

I was completely unable to see anything. I could be overwhelmed with even the slightest touch. Every now and then I felt you tickle my big tits or my stomach. Muscles twitched under your fingers. You once touched me along my thighs and between my legs. Thought I’d get right away. I then moved my hips towards your finger. I wanted to reach as close as possible. However, you withdrew quickly. As I writhed under your subtle torture, I felt something else. Something above my thighs. I frowned, trying to guess what it was. I realized that it was the tassels of the whip that caressed me. I couldn’t even hear my own voice. The music was still playing in my ears. She was gentle and subtle. Contrary to the punches you started serving me with your whip on my thighs and calves. I took a deep breath. Endorphins started filling my body with each punch. I was vulnerable. I felt the bruises starting to grow on my skin. But you didn’t care. You hit me harder and harder. Once you hit me so hard I screamed louder than the music. You stopped for a moment. You touched my hand. I squeezed your fingers to let you know everything was fine. You continued the torture. Eventually, my chest began to breathe heavily. I was gasping for breath.

You disappeared for a moment. You are back. I felt a hand between my legs. I began to whisper the word “please.” I have repeated them many times. I begged you to give me an orgasm. I was already so wet that I didn’t have to put my fingers in my hole. I felt myself groaning with excitement. My hips swayed behind your finger as best they could. My movements were very limited, but I tried very hard to catch up with him. I felt my thumb circling my clitoris. I was already on the verge. The seconds were like hours. And suddenly I was on top. I stretched my back and jerked my shoulders. Pleasure enveloped my whole body. I screamed your name. But I didn’t hear it myself. My every sound was for you only. When I calmed down, you took my headphones off. Then you untied the headband. My eyes were filled with tears. You wiped them down and caressed my head. Then you released my body from the chair. I still felt every hug, but I was so happy that I held it.

“You did very well. Soon you will experience another sex offer in my edition. “

I was still breathing hard. However, I had the strength to smile at you. I’ve been waiting all night for this.

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