Sex chat and my next victim

Sex chat and my next victim

In the end, I was able to go on a long-awaited vacation to the seaside. I’ve been saving up for this trip for the last year. I was already burned out at work and decided that I needed to rest. A week on an exclusive beach was something that was on my mind for a long time. I wanted to relax, but maybe also meet someone through sex chat. I didn’t live in a big hotel. I stayed in a cozy apartment right next to the picturesque beach in Krynica Morska. The beach opposite was private so I was glad there would be no crowds. The manager of this facility said that if I wanted to walk about a kilometer along the sea, I would most likely be able to sunbathe completely alone.

I did so too. Indeed, it turned out to be true. I was completely alone on the sandy beach. I unfolded the blanket and put my bag next to it. I spread sunscreen and lay on my stomach watching the blue-green sea. “It’s just life.” – I thought. I took out my cell phone and started browsing sex chat. I thought the vacation was a good time to meet someone and go on a date. I was sunbathing for about an hour when I noticed a small spot on my left side. He was headed my way. Finally, I saw a figure. It was coming my way. Honestly, I was more than disappointed. I thought I had this part of the beach all to myself.

After all, this person was very close to me. He was standing about 50 meters from me. He stopped and spread out on the beach. He was close enough that I could see it was a dark haired man with a rather impressive tan. He was also very masculine, which definitely caught my attention. I didn’t want to stare at him because that would be too perfidious. But on the other hand, there were only two of us on one beach. He put his bag on the sand. Then he surprised me. He lowered his boxer shorts and began creaming his entire body. “I don’t think I will need sex chat, since I have such views in front of my eyes” – I was laughing in my mind.

The manager told me that public nude sunbathing is allowed here, so I realized he was doing nothing out of the ordinary. However, after a while I got a little scared. This guy started walking towards me. He seemed to feel very natural and at ease. As if walking naked among other people is something she does every day. Now I was really staring at him. He was getting closer to me. His cock was the same size as mine, but the tip itself was much larger. As he got closer, I saw his cock swaying. I was concerned that my own penis would start to float slightly under my swimming trunks.

My dark-haired friend came up to me and said his name was Jacek. He apologized for bothering me and asked if I could put some cream on his back, because he couldn’t reach it himself. His behavior was still very natural. If meeting guys in real life is so easy, I will never check sex chat again. He wasn’t embarrassed at all. I agreed to his request. I got up and put some cream on my hand. I started spreading the cream all over his back. I noticed that he had to work out intensively in the gym because his muscles were hard. His silhouette was really chiseled.

Jacek slightly spread his legs when I started creaming his buttocks. I made sure I smeared his ass well. Then I knelt down to grease his legs. I looked at his long dangling cock. My cock started to get a little hard. Really, I didn’t want Jacek to notice that my swimming trunks are slightly floating. I’m done creaming it. Jacek said he was going to the water now and asked if I would like to join him.

He also said that I should take my swimming trunks off before we go swimming. He asked if I was exercising. I replied that I run a little, but I don’t go to the gym. I’ve never been a muscular guy. Looking at Jack, I was sure he was a handsome guy. I did not oppose him and pulled down my shorts. We went into the water.

We did a little snorkeling and swimming around. The water was warm and I felt fine naked. We swam for maybe fifteen minutes. Jacek slowly started to get out of the water. He stood in the sunlight. He motioned for me to come over to him. I got out of the water and we were standing right next to each other. Jacek just stood and looked at me. Sorry, my cock started getting harder. I looked at his body and something hit me. Jacek came even closer to me and kissed me hard on the lips.

I have to admit I have never done this with a man before. I never even thought about it before. I also didn’t take any steps to find out if guys turned me on. I just happened to post with other friends on sex chat, but never had a meeting. Jacek cracked his mouth. I did the same. His dick touched my belly. If that doesn’t get you excited, I don’t know otherwise. We stood there in each other’s arms. I felt good. Jacek finally moved away slightly and said that we should go back to our blanket. I was a little confused but I did what he said.

When we were on the sand, Jacek lay down on his back on his towel. He spread his legs for me. My eyes were focused on his dick. It lay casually on his stomach and looked like a huge cock. Jacek asked me to join him. I sat down on his chest. We started kissing. Our penises touched each other and grew with excitement. Jacek was shooting me. He groaned as I rubbed against his hard, muscular body. I struggled with my thoughts. I tried to hold back from having an orgasm. I didn’t want to come that fast. I tried to control myself, but it was difficult for me.

Over time, I was able to hold back. My cock started to loose again. But he was rubbing against Jack’s body all the time.

“David, take the balm.” – Jacek told me.

I reached behind the towel and grabbed the tube. Jacek took it in his hand. He squeezed out the cream and smeared it over my cock and his anus. It was my first time with a man so I was a bit shy.

“David, please, fuck me.” – Jacek was begging me.

I lifted his legs and pressed them against his chest. His ass was completely exposed to my sight. I grabbed my stiff cock and aimed it at its hole. I slowly pushed the tip of my penis in. Jacek groaned and moved his head back. I was fucking him slowly. I was gliding my dick into and out of his tight hole. Jacek lowered his legs and wrapped them around my back. As he did, I slipped all over him which was quite difficult and had to use force.

“Oh yeah, fuck me!” – Jacek shouted.

So I started to move more intensively in it. I’ve never felt so tight as in Jack’s hole before. I was completely immersed in it. I think we were both on cloud nine. His cock was already very swollen and aroused. I had to hit his prostate because he was really very hard. Suddenly he got his ass out of my embrace and shot out his cum. The sight made it impossible for me to hold back any longer. I got into Jack from behind again and started pounding him with all my might. I kept pumping until my cum filled him. We both gasped like tired kittens. We satisfied our desires.

The holiday week was coming to an end for both of us. One thing turned out to be good. Jacek and I lived only an hour’s drive from each other. We planned a meeting when we got home. Now I’m at home and just thinking about Jack makes me stiff. Hope to have him next to me in bed soon. I hope for great anal sex. Maybe we’ll invite a third gentleman as well and have even better fun. I think sex chat will help us in this and I will lead a rich erotic life with men.