Make You Irresistible

Can “Vabbing” Make You Irresistible?

“Vabbing” is a viral new pattern that encourages ladies to use their vaginal secretions as a fragrance to attract potential mates. So, you do a quick swipe of your girl bits, then dab the “juices” onto your pulse points such as wrists and the sweet area behind the ears. Voila! You’re all of a sudden tempting to the opposite sex, and it starts drizzling dick!


While the idea of utilizing your own secretions as a scent may sound odd, there may be some evidence to show it works, at least for some individuals.

The Power of Fragrance

The concept that fragrance has the power to bring in is nothing new. Scent has been a vital part of the womanly appeal for centuries, dating back to when ancient Egyptians utilized necessary oils to make themselves smell preferred to others. It was the French, however, who started mass-producing perfume in 1190.

Given that then, we’ve been scenting ourselves with everything from vanilla to lavender to feel and look sexier. However who knew the secret to smelling irresistible has been, uh, inside us all along?

Ok, that was a dreadful joke, however let’s continue.

The History of “Vabbing”.

The term “vabbing” is hardly brand-new, even if it’s brand-new to you. Medical sexologist Shannon Boodram has actually been speaking about it because a minimum of 2019, when she went viral for spilling on the method that she states makes her feel like “a captivated goddess with a scrumptious secret.”.

In her book “The Video game of Desire,” Boodram states she’s been vabbing for over a decade and admits the outcomes are combined, though vabbing does supply an additional confidence increase that can go a long method when it comes to drawing in a brand-new lover.

While the term “vabbing” has been around for a long time, its current revival comes courtesy of TikTokers like jewlieah, who associates her current uptick in male attention to vabbing before heading out to the fitness center or swimming pool.

Can Vaginal Juices Actually Odor Good?

Everyone has their own distinct scent, and in many cases, it might be appealing to others. In the case of rap artist Cardi B, for example, she declares her vaginal area tastes and smells like horchata, which in all sincerity, does sound pretty appealing. Singer and style icon Rihanna is extensively referred to as the best smelling star on the planet, with numerous, MANY other celebs specifying that she “smells like heaven.”.

Taking it an action further, starlet Gwenyth Paltrow states her vaginal area has such a naturally pleasing aroma that she began selling a candle light that smells like it. And people bought it.

So, it only makes sense that vabbing may work, a minimum of for the part of the population that has an inviting natural scent. The concern remains, however: is it a matter of being brought in to someone who smells primal or good instinct driven by scents?

Do Pheromones Make United States Feral?

Extensively known for her sex education videos on YouTube, Boodham explains that men have actually used scents to attract ladies since the 19th century. She says guys would put handkerchiefs in their underarms for an entire day to take in their natural fragrance. Then, when they found a girl they wished to charm, they would use the sweat-soaked handkerchief to clean sweat from her eyebrow or dust off her clothing so she would catch a whiff of his man smell and be naturally drawn to him.

Does it sound gross? A little, but it can’t be any even worse than catching a nose complete of somebody’s Axe Body Spray at the health club, so there’s that.

As far as vabbing is concerned, professionals state it’s more efficient if you masturbate prior, which might hint that the sex hormones draw in suiters because just put, it makes them believe of sex.

How Does One “Vab?”.

Devoted vabbers explain the procedure as fairly simple. Simply sweep two fingers throughout the within your vagina, getting them wet enough to move the aroma to the rest of your body. Then, dab your girl juices onto your wrists, chest, and behind your ears.

Simply a dab of vab will do ya’ in this case, so there’s no requirement to turn yourself into a sticky mess before heading out the door. You require just enough to forecast your scent onto suiters standing close enough to capture your ambiance.

Before you vab, ensure you’re clean and newly masturbated for optimum strength. You can still apply your preferred self-care items as typical, so long as it’s nothing too overpowering.
Is it safe?

Vabbing is completely safe, however there are some things you must take into factor to consider. Most doctors state it’s not an issue, but much better safe than sorry.

And for the love of all that is good on this earth, do not vab throughout your duration.


Does Vabbing Work?

If you ask the people of TikTok, vabbing certainly works, with females declaring it’s gotten them dates, presents, and even helped them close offers at work. However what about medical professionals?

Dr. Sam Hay, otherwise called Dr. Kiss, just recently appeared on Australia’s # 1 radio show to unmask claims that vabbing works, saying it’s “not going to be as effective a chap attractor as some women may think.”.

So, simply put, the jury is still out on vabbing.

If you had solid evidence that vabbing works, would you do it?

“Vabbing” is a viral brand-new pattern that motivates females to use their vaginal secretions as a fragrance to attract potential mates. The idea that aroma has the power to draw in is absolutely nothing new. Scent has been a crucial part of the womanly attraction for centuries, dating back to when ancient Egyptians used necessary oils to make themselves smell more preferable to others. Singer and design icon Rihanna is extensively known as the best smelling celeb in the world, with numerous, MANY other celebrities specifying that she “smells like heaven.”.

When they discovered a girl they wanted to woo, they would utilize the sweat-soaked hanky to clean sweat from her eyebrow or dust off her clothes so she would capture a whiff of his male odor and be naturally drawn to him.