Vrouw pronkt met 'squishy'’ tum in sexy bikini als ze zegt 'een buik is niet diep'’

Body positive influencer Charlotte Emily kleedde zich uit in een gele bikini om te pronken met haar ‘squishy’ buik en lichaam in een sexy strandfoto – ze denkt dat het hebben van een buik niet 'diep' is’

De zomer is goed en wel hier, wat betekent dat velen van ons zullen uitkleden voor iets meer verkoeling.

Maar, Voor sommigen, the heat also brings insecurity as people may not be comfortable showing more skin.

From their bums to their tums, some people may want to hide these parts of their bodies as they don’t think they look ‘good’ enough to do so.

Echter, self-love influencer Charlotte Emily has declared that women should wear a bikini regardless of whether they have a “squishy” body or not.

The curvy brunette boasts 100,000 Instagram followers where she often posts body positive posts amongst some envy-worthy travel snaps.

She told fans having a belly 'isn't that deep'
She told fans having a belly ‘isn’t that deep

In a recent post, Charlotte stripped down to a sexy yellow bikini as lounged on a sandy Turkish beach.

The plunge style top accentuated her boobs while the matching bottoms hugged her hips and exposed her lovely tum.

Posing on a sun lounger, Charlotte looked radiant as she embraced her natural figure for all to see.

In the caption, she expressed: “Is having a belly that deep though?

“I don’t get how having squishy body parts can cause such uproar & malice.

Charlotte has urged others to get in their bikinis
Charlotte has urged others to get in their bikinis

“Wear the kini, give that sickly sweet smile to anyone who judges you for having a different body type than the accepted standard and relax in the sun babyyyy.

“Don’t forget ya spf,” Charlotte added.

Inspired by Charlotte’s sizzling hot belly loving post, many people fled to the comments to thank the babeand of course, swooned over her beauty.

One person commented: “Glowing & gorgeous.”

Another user added: “Just beautiful. Love your mindset.”

Whilst a third praised: “Absolutely adore this, well frickin said.”

Someone else shared: “Yess girl, you look amazing.”

Meanwhile, a fifth person gushed: “Keep being you, you are an inspiration.”