Spring Fever Really Exist

Yes, Spring Fever is Really a Thing! Here’s How to Make the Most of it

People envisioned are designs and are used for illustrative functions. If you have gone anywhere near a television, mobile device, or interacted with other people, then chances are you have heard the term “Spring Fever” many times before. Spring Fever is the term most used when describing the internal feelings that come out when the season changes from winter to spring. Some even say they feel a sense of heightened sexual drive as the weather gets warmer.

Are We Genetically Programmed For Increased Sexual Drive During Spring?

Humans are still animals at our core. We have installed many social constructs to separate ourselves from the rest of the animal kingdom. However, there are still many things about human psychology and behavior that reflect who we are at the end of the day. Hence, it is fair to ask if there’s something to the idea that we might have increased sexual drive during spring due to our genetic programming.

In spring, we’re surrounded by pheromones, pollen, and reproduction of all kinds occurring in other species. Spring is the most common mating season in the animal kingdom, and it just makes sense that this may extend to humans. As much as we like to think of ourselves as entirely different from other animals, there are numerous ways in which we’re still the same. Therefore, it’s not unreasonable to think that we might fall into some of the same patterns that other animals do when the seasons change.

We’re Spending More Time Outdoors

People meet in various ways nowadays, but in-person interaction remains crucial to romantic relationships. Therefore, it makes sense that a season when we’re more likely to be out and about may make us more excited to look for a mate.

Spring finally allows us comfortable enough temperatures to venture outside again, which means that there are finally opportunities to see people we haven’t seen in a long time and connect with new people we meet. This is critical to the development of finding a romantic interest. Instead of being huddled in our homes waiting out the cold months, we’re finally able to return outdoors easily. Therefore, it makes sense that there may be more openness to meeting new people as the weather improves.

One man provided his take on the lack of dating opportunities in winter when he spoke to marieclaire.com:

“I should be out hitting on women, meeting them in bars and parties. The problem is, the cold keeps everybody inside– as close to hibernation as possible. NYC is full of outside places to grab a drink after work, but we can’t do that right now unless we are on skates.”

As eager as this person was to find a romantic interest, he felt that it was almost impossible due to the weather conditions.

Our Wardrobes Change

There’s nothing quite like a wardrobe change to grab the attention of interested parties. Most people agree that it’s hard to get excited about seeing someone wearing their heaviest winter coat and scarves, but they may let their gaze linger if someone wears shorts that expose plenty of physical features.

The suggestion here is that the feeling of spring fever might have more to do with the ability to see other people advertising parts of their bodies that were not visible during the cold weather. These signals are received in primal parts of the human brain and translated into desire for and/or attraction to another person.

More Daylight Is Available

Allowing more time to meet new people. With more chores knocked out of the way earlier, people have more time to interact with others socially. Another reason the extra daylight seems to help people meet and connect is that it improves their mood, which might translate into them being more open to new experiences. Your spring fever may be highly linked to your improved state of mind.

Spring Is A Time Of Change

Many people look at spring as the time to act on some of