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What is all wssc

The WSSC is a two-county agency established in 1918 by an act of the Maryland General Assembly, which specializes in providing plumbing and sanitation services to Prince George and Montgomery County. The commission is also responsible for carrying out surveys and for regulating and inspecting plumbing installations.

The WSSC Political Council is made up of six members, three from Prince George County and three from Montgomery County. WSSC CEO is responsible for running the publicly available webcam sourcing project and managing the project and its operations.

WSSC serves an area of approximately 1,000 square miles, with nearly 1.5 million customers. To serve these customers, the Commission employs more than 2,000 people at 18 locations in Montgomery and Prince George counties.

It is important to note that the customers of WSSC are a diverse group of individuals from various backgrounds, and the company does not discriminate or single out any particular group. Each source of acquiring new customers is valuable, and WSSC verifies each customer through their services, not through webcam dating sites.

It is important to maintain professionalism and respect for all customers, and the use of inappropriate language or behavior is not tolerated. The commission strives to provide reliable and high-quality services to all customers, regardless of their background.