Dealing With Jealousy

Unhealthy jealousy – signs to watch out for?

Pathological jealousy is deadly, I don’t think jealousy is good or bad – if it is, it’s not good. There are several signs of harmful jealousy in your partner, which are very dangerous and can destroy the very nature of your relationship and make you hopeless every day of your life.

You don’t have to do anything to make your partner jealous and they don’t know where you are or you’re spending the day with someone you don’t know, they need to trust you so it won’t be difficult. bear when your phone is dropped. . Understanding t is very clear. However, jealousy that accompanies our lives and its harmful form is very real and dangerous.

We all get jealous sometimes. The key to sanity is to recognize your emotions and not let them control your behavior.

I brought in a group of experts to understand that jealousy is unhealthy. Together, we’ve put together a list of signs of such suspicious activity or behavior – from emotional dependence to a willingness to feel like you’re being clingy in a relationship.

I hope this doesn’t apply to you, but in the future, what should you look for to protect yourself from morbid jealousy, where does it come from and are you honest? help fix it.

I just want you

It can be very romantic and passionate when your partner wants to spend every moment with you, especially when it comes to new love, but this intense and prolonged withdrawal is often a sign that something is up. no OK. Unhealthy jealousy in the first place rarely happens. He often seems loving, warm, and fun – he can’t have enough with you and loves you so much that he wants you to be alone. Although it seems cute at first, it is not funny and sweet later on.

They may say helpful things with envy. They think that no one respects you as much as they do, or you are so great that they think everyone loves you as much as they do without being able to show it to you. These messages may seem tempting, even amusing, but infidelity and trying to control them are not the foundation of a long-term relationship.

This jealousy cannot be part of a long term relationship. If he misses you and wants to spend more time with you, that’s fine. But if he insists on you spending all your free time with him, it won’t work. Unhealthy jealousy can spiral out of control and lead to emotionally aggressive relationships, with unfathomable dangers. Stay alert and let us know if you notice a problem.

They think you’re the worst

Your partner will suspect you and those around you with the worst intentions. This can happen in many ways, but the bottom line is that the partner assumes it’s his fault. He looks for your phone, and if you go to a place where you don’t have it, he will call you from time to time and annoy you during the night. They ask questions as if they don’t care how much time has passed. It’s great to have a partner who wants to know how your night was because they care about you. Not that a guy needs to know the details because he doesn’t trust you.

He is emotionally dependent on you

One of the symptoms of excessive jealousy is emotional dependence. In this case, it means that one party wants to keep the other to themselves. Although he was not happy in his sex life, he always felt that divorce was too dangerous and he was afraid of the unknown.

If this happens, your partner may become jealous. This also leads to other behaviors: typical jealous licking or the constant need to make sure everything is okay; believe that your worth depends on your presence and appearance; lack of confidence and willingness to accept the unacceptable. Obviously, this is a win-win and needs to be recognized immediately.

don’t accept what you like

Of course, isolating yourself from sexually threatening others is a sign of misplaced jealousy, but it can also be a red flag when you imagine the most people, places, and things. determination is something that you do not accept. If you say you love opera and your partner mocks it, that’s a form of jealousy. It’s dangerous for him because your hobbies and interests will make you happy whether he’s there or not.

As a result, they view even the places and things they like as competition. So fits this erroneous framework of envy. Not allowing ourselves to exist and grow as we really are is a form of jealousy we can’t deal with.

I want to control you

By talking face-to-face, you can quickly realize that your partner is being jealous and unhealthy while trying to take control of your own life. Jealousy can make people feel threatened and controlled. Whatever the behavior, if it comes from jealousy, it is unacceptable.

If your partner checks your phone, accuses you of cheating or cheating, or asks for feedback directly from your location, it’s time to seriously consider what really happened. . If you act quickly, you can get rid of growing jealousy.
They want you to act

When your partner starts demanding your behavior, they cross the line of harmful jealousy. Does your partner want you to do things your way? This is unacceptable. Do they feel like they’re controlling your behavior? Are you afraid to give in to their demands for fear of confrontation or physical reaction?

If you answer yes to these questions, you will enjoy. If you don’t value your relationship because of the decisions you make and the actions you take, then it’s time to move on and take back your life and autonomy. In reality!
it’s always there

When your partner starts clinging to you like a dog’s tail, not doing his own thing but just making eye contact, this is a clear sign that your partner is being overly jealous.

Don’t ignore this warning sign: Suddenly, your partner will stop doing what they love because the risk of getting out of control is astronomical. Of course, it’s fine if your loved one is interested in your life and wants to know everything at the start of your relationship, but beware if this interest turns into dangerous territory.

They must always be in touch

If your partner is afraid that you don’t have it and can’t be close to you, it’s not healthy. When he accuses you of not having a relationship with him, he doesn’t pick up the phone when you call him, he’s basically accusing you of cheating because you’re not around, so there’s no sign There’s no obvious sign that he’s unhealthy because of jealousy. You must exist. Wants to be one with you, but restricting your freedom and life is unacceptable.

Do you notice signs of stress?

In some cases, physical stress is a sign of stress. Does your partner clench his teeth or hold hands when talking to someone who isn’t there? Do they look at you when talking to other people? These are all signs of bad jealousy. It’s not always 100%, but when combined with other things, it can cause serious problems.

Also, if he overhears your phone conversation or wants to know where you are, this dangerous jealousy can get worse and more dangerous. real. If this happens to you, get help. It often takes some distance to understand the situation, and it’s best to talk to a friend who can help you assess the situation. Don’t be late!

follow you on social media

If your partner is obsessing about your social media activity – your followers, friends, likes or comments – then they may have a jealousy problem. If your partner doesn’t want you to have a social media account, there may be a problem. You must exist. This is another attempt to control your every move.
You must provide accurate information about your location

If your partner yells at you everywhere, this is a sign of unhealthy jealousy. If they constantly ask you to tell them exactly where you are, even at work, this could be a harmful form of jealousy.

Likewise, you must be able to survive in any situation. Your partner’s self-esteem that makes him jealous shouldn’t be the reason you’re struggling in a dysfunctional relationship. Healthy jealousy can be a source of motivation, pathological jealousy is bad and can ruin your life together. If you want to get rid of pathological jealousy, you need to see a specialist who can help you find the cause and fix it.


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