Steamy Member Stories – The Halo of Grateful Sex

Trisha was standing in front of her cottage when Andy got here house from a night of clubbing. He was alone, as occurred many of the time. His buddies stated he wasn’t aggressive enough with the girls; he was too laid back.

He went out and strolled up toward the sidewalk that led not only to his home but, obviously, Trish’s. Quiet Trish and her cat. Pretty cute lady but blocked; there was not more than a hey there between them. As he approached, he saw she was actually wringing her hands. “Hey, you all right, Trish?” She nodded yes but didn’t stop wringing her hands together. He looked her up and down; she was wearing these little cotton midriff jammies with brief shorts.

He stopped and turned back, “I know it’s warm and all, however if you are going out, maybe put on a couple of more clothing.” She relied on him and took a look at him with almost pleading eyes. “Have you seen my feline Halo? She got out and constantly gets home in a couple of hours.” He mouthed a huge “Ohhhh;” that discussed a lot; the feline lady’s partner was missing.

She looked desperate and enthusiastic as she nodded affirmation. “Look up, Trish; Halo is playing a tease game.” Trish saw the feline and let out a substantial sigh, and then came the tears.

The next thing Andy knew, he had his arms complete of a weeping Trish; she hugged him passionately. Her tongue darted into his mouth, and for a minute, he froze, and then he let the empty months melt into her appreciation, and he felt her fingers in his hair.

She was grinding her boobs against his chest, and he needed to put his arms around her back; there was no other way to not take that in completely. He felt her legs twisted around his waist, and he was feeling this woman’s massive relief. She had truly believed the cat was gone for great or something. He let his hand dip into her long brown hair, and he kissed her back, tasting and exploring her.

As they came to her open home door, the feline was already there crying to get in. He felt her slide from his arms and viewed as she opened the heavy metal security screen. He felt the deflation of the minute over, however oh, was he wrong.

As he was amazed at the fast disappearance of his clothes, he had not understood that she also was now naked. She crawled onto his body which was more than willing to be utilized. Her soft damp triangle slid across the full length of his tough and excited cock. He gasped and whispered, “Oh fuck,” she dragged her large tits up and down his chest as she gasped and moved quicker. He got her hips and tried to a minimum of pause her. “I don’t have, I suggest I am not … no prophylactic.

She kissed him deeply. “I am on the tablet, let me have this!” It was the last thing he ever thought of a girl would say to him. He pulled her face to his and kissed her deeply, tasting her sweet breath. She pushed up and hung her dark pink nipples against his lips, and he opened his mouth eagerly to receive her need. “Suck,” she urged, and he did as she purchased. His hand cupped the breasts and hefted them gently to evaluate the marvelous weight of them. He melted once again and moved his mouth to her other nipple, drawing and teasing and losing himself in the pleasure of this extreme passion.

She pressed down, and he felt himself open her tight damp pussy. “Oh God, so great child,” she smiled and nodded yes at him as she rode and turned her body versus him.

God, did ladies do this stuff,” he thought somewhere in his sex-fogged brain. Her body stiffened, and she arched, and a choking noise of pleasure slipped out of her soft pink lips. “Damn,” he thought quietly.

She wiggled down his chest. Those huge breasts slid around that stiff shaft of his, leaking his slippery pre orgasm into their cradle. He gasped as he enjoyed her milk his shaft up and down with her tits. When he could not keep his orgasm to his cock anymore, she pressed her mouth over the swollen and red head. Her tongue relieved it patted it, and rubbed it while she gently sucked him in and out. He cried out as he fed her his essence, and she did not let go of him easily, but lastly, she launched and rolled off of his body.

He looked at her curiously. She thought for a long time and pulled up her keys from the nightstand. She looked surprised, and he chuckled.

Trisha was standing in front of her cottage when Andy showed up house from a night of clubbing. Peaceful Trish and her feline. He mouthed a huge “Ohhhh;” that explained a lot; the cat lady’s other half was missing.

Trish saw the feline and let out a big sigh, and then came the tears. As they came to her open cottage door, the cat was already there crying to get in.