Sexnic – Dating Traditions Remastered For the Modern Era

For the majority of people, the thought of a picnic typically creates images of champagne and charcuterie boards, not enthusiastic outdoor flings in secluded areas. That image altered over the last few years as daters took up picnicking together to overcome the constraints of the COVID period. Taking it a step even further, some even partook in the occasional sexnic so they could enjoy intimate encounters while still following CDC guidelines. Now that the weather is heating up and things are slowly going back to typical, sexnics are still more popular than ever.

How did sexnics become popular in the first place?

Just like anything, the most apparent answer is often the ideal one. When the government began shutting down restaurants and informing people that interacting socially was safest exterior, most welcomed the message with a sigh of disappointment. Those of us who attempt to turn lemons into lemonade rapidly reimagined the excitement of eating outdoors, among other things.

All of a sudden, a soft fluffy blanket laid on a remote spot of beach sand or park turf, with a basket complete of enjoyable items to show your brand-new connection, ended up being an easy-to-pack option for all that disappointment. Imagine you and your brand-new lover under the stars, in the clean, fresh air, unmasking to share your first kiss prior to reaching deep in the basket to discover the toys you hid beneath the champagne glasses. It’s a moment we can all fondly remember as we reflect on our own picnic basket connection histories.

What if someone else is watching?

Just like any outside sexual adventure, it is very important to be mindful of your surroundings so you do not end up providing an eyeful to some unwary household out for a leisurely nature walk.

Discover an area that’s out of sight, preferably someplace you can find cover from trees, bushes, and other greenery. You should also pick a time when there’s less foot traffic, like morning or evening, because afternoons tend to be a lot more crowded.

You need to likewise use clothes that are easy to take off and put back on in case you need to make a quick escape. And as always, keep the volume down, no matter how good it feels to have sex outdoors!

What should always remain in your sexnic basket?

The starters are simple enough; you’ll always want a light, easy-to-eat snack that isn’t all that messy. Remember, Cheetos sound like a great idea until your lover heads home (or back to work) with fluorescent orange crumbs all over their collar.

Next, you need to be sure to include items that show your partner you see this picnic as a shared celebration. Of course, champagne always makes an excellent impression, but do your best to find stylish reusable glasses to avoid throwing away plastic. And try not to use actual glass to prevent unintentional breakage that can ruin an otherwise perfect moment in sexnic paradise together.

Unlike traditional picnics, you’ll also want to include the type of party favors you’ll want on hand if things work out. Condoms and lube are always needed; from there, the long list of what else you might want to have handy comes down to the type of kink you and your partner plan to share.

When messaging each other to organize your picnic hookup, don’t be shy about asking what they want in the sexnic basket. Your partner might naively start by saying they don’t like brie, but guide the conversation correctly, and they may tell you how to ensure your basket is heavy with the items you need for a truly orgasmic experience.

Will sexnics continue to be popular?

It’s hard to say for sure, but given that outdoor activities are likely to remain popular even as the pandemic subsides, it’s possible that sexnics will continue to be a fun and exciting way for people to connect with their partners. Of course, as with any sexual activity, it’s important to practice safe sex and be respectful of other people’s boundaries and privacy.

Overall, sexnics can be a great way to enjoy the outdoors, explore your sexuality, and connect with your partner in a unique and intimate way. Just remember to be respectful of your surroundings, use protection, and most importantly, have fun!