Try Dating Someone

Reasons You Should Try Dating Someone Who’s Not Your “Type”

When venturing into the dating world, a lot of individuals tend to think about people they consider to be their type. Most of the time, their choice is influenced by factors such as physical characteristics, personality, and basic qualities that align with their own. But have you ever considered talking to somebody who’s not your type?

According to professionals, dating outside of your type could be the beginning of a meaningful and satisfying relationship. Restricting yourself only holds you back from experiencing what the dating arena has to offer, and believe me, it’s a lot!

Why do we date the exact same type?

There are several factors that make you continuously gravitate towards the exact same kind of partner. Initially, your relationships with parents or primary caretakers have the power to influence your choice of partners. Second, you consider compatibility, and third, you’re more likely to meet people who are your type as you go about your everyday life.

There’s something special about dating outside of your typical type.

Smash your limits.

Restricting yourself to one type of person can considerably limit your chances of discovering someone who makes you tingle. On the other hand, being open to diverse types of people is the only method to broaden your dating pool, which might also mean discovering the right person.

So, whether it’s dating people from different faiths, races, or personalities, smashing your dating borders can be the start of something remarkable.

What you want isn’t always what you need.

Typically, your ideal type of partner isn’t always the best one for you. If your past relationships always ended in heartbreak or never went past a certain point, you probably have a type, but that type never works out. For the sake of your happiness and peace, why not try something different this time?

Broadening your horizons allows you to connect with people you never thought would pique your interest. If all your relationships with outgoing people have ended badly, maybe it’s time you give that introvert a chance.

You become more flexible in your dating approach.

Stepping outside of your usual dating boundaries pushes you to try things you never thought you could. As a result, not only do you learn to be more flexible but open to new ideas and experiences. In addition, you become comfortable dating people you may have never considered in the past.

Sometimes the first person you hook up with does not excite you the way you thought they would, but keep trying, and you never know who you may find.

Step outside of your comfort zone.

In this era of online dating, most people tend to pick partners based solely on their appearances. They often scroll through countless options and choose one random person based on a few pictures and lines on a bio. The truth is, failure to scrutinize people further by learning their strengths, personalities, how they treat people they are with, etc., only increases your chance of ending up with the wrong people.

As experts recommend, it’s essential to get to know a person on a deeper level. Even if, at first, they do not meet your requirements of the ideal partner, you might find something more intriguing about them, which could be the one thing that sparks a true relationship, whether it be romantic or sexual.

You might learn something new about yourself.

Dating a person who’s not your type can be an enriching experience. Being unique in their own way, they can introduce you to new activities and hobbies you never knew you could enjoy. Even if the relationship does not work out in the long term, you might learn something about yourself and, more importantly, your priorities in a relationship.

In other words, dating people who aren’t your type helps you become more in touch with who you essentially are.