OnlyFans andTikTok ‘cam girl’ refuses to shave hairy armpits

Two years ago, Fenella Fox from Worcester became famous for refusing to shave her hairy armpits as a protest against men’s expectations. She had been working as a cam girl since 2014.

Fenella Fox. Photo: Jam Press/@fenellascorner

The 28-year-old wanted to show men that they “can look but not touch” before later joining the adult content platform OnlyFans.

Miss Fox, who has no intention of picking up a razor again, has had just two sexual encounters since 2017, the same year she stopped shaving her armpits.

Fenella Fox. Photo: Jam Press/@fenellascorner

“It’s frustrating how men don’t feel pressured to shave but women do,” the model, who has 160,000 followers on TikTok (@fenellascorner).

“It’s a huge double standard that we should challenge more.

“Not shaving has been totally life-changing for me and I wish more women would embrace their natural hair without shame.

“I’ve had a lot of men tell me that I’m ‘disgusting, dirty, unhygienic, lazy’ and I’ve even had death threats.

“Some have said I’ll be ‘single forever’ and will ‘never get a man’.

“I feel happy with my hairy armpits. I don’t notice them so much anymore but they often do make me feel sexy and more womanly.

“I feel proud to raise my armpits in public, especially if I feel like I’m surrounded by close-minded people.

“An arms-up dance in a nightclub full of clean-shaven people always gives me a thrill.”

She also says her parents are very supportive of her OnlyFans career.

The model said: “I am very body confident thanks to my job so If I have the opportunity to be naked I’ll take it.

“My parents and family have been very supportive during my whole career and I’m thankful for that.”

Her decision to stop shaving her armpits first came about as a “protest” against men’s expectations of her.

She said choosing to have hairy armpits made her feel empowered and people responded to it – with over three million views on a YouTube video.