National No Panty Day

National No Panty Day is June 22nd!

There are many holidays to be thankful for, so why not add one more to the list? No Panty Day has taken social media by storm, and more people than ever are prepared to celebrate this year.

What is No Panty Day?

As the name suggests, to observe the day, individuals can avoid wearing undergarments and go about their day as usual. So, on No Panty Day, women do not wear underwear at home, work, or anywhere else they go.

The holiday celebrates the freedom to leave your underwear in the drawer and feel empowered to go out without undergarments. Some people say it’s also a statement about women’s rights and the rights of all individuals to make their own choices without regard for society’s judgments.

How did this start?

It’s hard to know how No Panty Day started, but many claim that the tradition began in New Jersey. Many New Jersey residents have happily embraced the tradition with open arms, with many posting on social media about how they celebrate the custom. Regardless of what you think about how candid people are about partaking in the holiday, the fact is that many people get excited about it.

When is No Panty Day?

You don’t want to miss this event, so mark your calendar for June 22nd, when people officially celebrate No Panty Day. Surprisingly, you may find that the best part about this holiday is knowing that there are more people going commando than on a typical day.

Many people find it odd that others are going without panties, but it can also be somewhat amusing and seen as an inside joke. Not to mention, it’s sexy! You and those around you who choose to celebrate will know something intimate about each other without a single word being spoken.

How to Celebrate No Panty Day.

You can participate in No Panty Day in more than one way. The point is that you’re having fun with it and participating in the spirit of the occasion.

Just Don’t Wear Panties (Or Boxers)!

On any given day, as many as one in four people admit to going without their undergarments. A full 7% of people say that they go without undergarments all the time!

If you decide that you don’t like it, at least you’re only trying it out for a day to mix things up and see what you think. Who knows, maybe you’ll join the crowd that chooses to ditch their undergarments every day.

Understand the History of Underwear

It turns out that underwear hasn’t always been considered a necessity. In fact, modern underwear didn’t even come about until the early 19th century. However, the church opposed women wearing them and deemed such garments “devilish things.” They still took hold of upper-class women of the time, and that sense of fashion eventually trickled down to everyone else. Thus, the idea of wearing underwear naturally began to become normalized over time. These days, we don’t even think twice about someone wearing them, while going without underwear is considered out of step with society.

It’s Also About Women’s Rights

Any reason to shine the spotlight on women’s rights is a good one. As we discussed above, women used to be strongly discouraged by the church simply for choosing to wear underwear. Now, the opposite is true in modern society. Unfortunately, women are often subjected to unfair treatment and laws, making June 22nd a great time to think about everything women have to go through just for being women. It’s even more important to consider what we can do as a society to change that. Ultimately, we should always strive for equality, and if some people need a quirky holiday to give them a push in the right direction, then so be it.