The Delivery Woman

Member Erotic Stories – The Delivery Woman

I was in the middle of weeding the corn when Stacey and Brad arrived on their Harley. We’ve been enjoying soft HotWife/cuckold threesome fun for about 15 years, and usually get together at least once a month, sometimes twice. I had completed 23 rows and had two left, so Brad offered to help me finish.

I had built an outdoor shower with four heads on the patio near the pool a few years before, so the three of us were soon enjoying a refreshing shower. Brad and I made sure Stacey was clean, and then she made sure we were clean. Needless to say, all three of us were very excited! Brad helped me get the “sex pad” out of the pool house and spread it on the patio. As we were doing that, Stacey went inside to get us drinks and cranked up the stereo, so classic rock was soon blasting from the four outdoor speakers. It was a bit too loud, but she didn’t give me a chance to go inside and turn it down… she was on her knees sucking my cock. Brad joined us, went under her, and started enjoying her pussy as she sucked my dick.

I had her lie on her back and started licking her as Brad knelt by her head and fed her his dick. She was doing her best to suck Brad’s cock as I fucked her. After having her pussy licked for such a long time, she soon enjoyed a very powerful orgasm, screaming out loudly.

Brad moved under her in a 69 position as I continued fucking her. She again took off in another thunderous orgasm, screaming out in pleasure. Brad took out from under her then jumped back as he was looking at something behind him. I quickly looked in the direction where Brad was looking. There stood a woman who had been delivering packages to my house for several years. She was wearing her brown uniform, standing and looking at us. I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my waist as Brad and Stacey headed to my bedroom. The music was quickly shut off.

Brad and Stacey quickly joined me. Stacey is bi, and she asked if I had ever explored a homeowner/delivery woman fantasy with her. Stacey said she was very attractive, and that brown uniform didn’t hide her sexy body at all.

As we ate, Stacey and Brad asked questions about Marsha. She is a very attractive woman, mid-40s, married, with two kids, and lives about 35 miles away. She’s tall, probably 5′ 5″, with long red hair, amazing green eyes, and her body is a very hot hourglass, big breasts, small waist, and an incredible ass… probably 38-26-36. Her uniform doesn’t hide her nipples when she’s aroused… they seem to be quite big, and I have seen them trying to poke through her uniform shirt several times over the past years. Her tight work trousers don’t conceal her attractive ass either… I’ve had many lusty thoughts about her, but other than flirting, I have never made a move on her because I didn’t want to make her uncomfortable and risk her requesting a different route.

We continued talking about Marsha, and it was clear that they were just as excited by her as I was. I told them that while flirting with her over the years, she had never shown any interest in taking it beyond flirting, although she had caught me naked while outside working at least a dozen times. After we ate, we enjoyed some more fun over the next four hours before they left.

The following Monday, Marsha dropped off a package, but I wasn’t home. She had taped a note to the package that read, “I’m disappointed! I was anticipating another program!” Then she had kissed the note, leaving lipstick marks on it. She never wore any makeup while working. I was expecting another package, so I got some sidewalk chalk and wrote, “I’ll try to establish another one, Marsha!” then put the box on a bench by the garage where she put my packages. On Thursday, I was collecting eggs when I heard her driving up my long driveway. I watched as she got out and read my note. She set the package on the bench, saw the sidewalk chalk, got a piece and started writing something as I walked up behind her. Her pants were tight on her attractive buttocks as she bent over to write. I couldn’t resist and put my hand on her buttocks for the very first time. She jumped a bit out of surprise, then turned, saw me naked and looked at my growing penis.

We talked for a few minutes, and she asked if I enjoyed sex with couples often. She was flustered, so I knew she was very aroused, and her nipples were erect. I asked her if she ever thought of being the center of attention with two men giving her pleasure. She simply shook her head to say, “Yes.” I then informed her that Stacey enjoyed other women and was very interested in her. I then asked if she had ever thought of other women. Again, she shook her head to say “Yes” then said she had to go. After she left, I called Brad and told him what had just happened. About half an hour later, Stacey called and asked what I was doing the next night. We made plans to go to dinner and come back to my house later.

On Friday, as we ate dinner, Stacey kept touching herself subtly, then she gave each of us a taste of her juices from her fingers. I woke up around 6 am to find Stacey blowing my cock. Before they left, Stacey asked if I was expecting any deliveries next week.

I called Stacey on Wednesday night and informed her that my package should be here tomorrow. Two hours later, I saw headlights turning up my driveway. Stacey decided to spend the night with me in case Marsha appeared early. I laughed and told her that my packages were always delivered in the afternoon. She responded by saying, “It doesn’t matter, I’m so excited, I just want to have sex as many times as you can fuck me.” She then said that she and Brad had already had sex twice, and she needed more, so Brad suggested she come to see me. She was dripping his cum when she stripped. We enjoyed two hours of steamy fun before falling asleep, then woke at 5 am and fucked again. I showered while she slept more, then I started with my tasks. Stacey joined me a couple of hours later, naked like me… well, we both were wearing work boots. We took a break around noon, took a quick shower, ate lunch and enjoyed some sex again.

As she was eating, Stacey spread her legs, and Marsha saw my cum dripping from Stacey’s pussy. She stared for at least a minute, then looked at my penis, which was glistening from Stacey’s juices. Stacey told me she would be right back then ran after Marsha.

I heard the truck leave, but Stacey never returned. I walked to the front, but she wasn’t there. I figured she must have gone through the house to the patio to clean herself up. When I went back outside, I saw her walking up my driveway barefoot. I knew the concrete might be warm, so I drove down to get her. She had ridden down the end of my driveway to talk with Marsha. Marsha had told her husband about what she had seen that first day. She also told her husband how she had caught me naked multiple times and how we had flirted when she made a delivery. She then told me that they had been discussing exploring with others even before they got married more than twenty years ago, but it was just talk. Since she first caught us that Friday, they had been talking about joining us as their fantasy. The more they talked, the more excited they got. They always laughed afterward and said it’s just talk, it’ll never truly happen. However, they were now starting to consider exploring with us.

As Stacey told me about their short conversation, we both got very excited. Stacey said she dipped her fingers in her vagina three more times and put her fingers in Marsha’s mouth each time, and she sucked them clean. I took Stacey into my bed and had sex with her harder than I had ever done with a woman.

I had enjoyed many sexual encounters with women over the years, but I had never gone down on Stacey afterward; that had always been Brad’s job. I gave her oral sex for at least 30 minutes, and she had multiple orgasms. We ended up having sex two more times before she left at about 5 pm. We were both exhausted but very happy! Brad called me when he got home, and I told him what happened. He called me back a few hours later and said he had thought I was making up a story, but Stacey finally woke up and told him the story.

A couple of minutes after I finished talking to Brad the second time, the phone rang again. I thought it was Stacey calling to talk about what we had done as Brad licked her vagina, something we had done many times over the past years after she had spent the day with me. She then said, “Tom, let me introduce you to my husband, Doug!”

Doug then said, “I have heard a lot about you over the past years, and I thank you for not pushing Marsha into doing something behind my back.” He added, “We have always enjoyed talking about other people joining us, but not really going through with it, just as a fantasy that we’d never perform in real life.” Marsha then added, “When I told him about seeing you naked, and how big your penis was even soft, we both got aroused, but when I told Doug about seeing you having sex with Stacey as Brad lay under her in a 69 position, it took us to a completely new fantasy!” Doug then said that he honestly believes that deep down, they both had always wanted to explore with others, and with Marsha actually seeing it happen in real life, it got them discussing actually doing it!

We talked for 2 hours that night and discussed various topics. I shared my experience with fun activities and emphasized the importance of being cautious and selective about partners. We agreed to go out for dinner to get to know each other better and planned a date for Saturday night, with no sexual activities until we received our test results. We talked some more before ending the conversation.

During the date, we had to be discreet when discussing intimate matters in public. We went for a walk near a lake and had an open conversation, while Doug and Marsha kissed and touched each other several times. Later on, they invited me to watch them as they had sex. Despite being aroused, we all had the willpower to wait for the test results and not engage in any sexual activities.

The next day, we had a BBQ with Brad, Stacey, and another couple, Walt and Jen. We all had a great time and talked about our interests. Afterward, we discussed our fantasies, and made plans to meet again in three weeks on a Saturday and Sunday when we were all free.

The next day, Brad and Stacey came to my house for a BBQ along with another couple, Walt and Jen. They were friends with both of us, but they knew nothing about the fun I shared with Brad and Stacey. I knew that Walt and Jen had to attend a family function later in the day, so I thought it would be the perfect time for Doug and Marsha to get to know Brad and Stacey in a strictly social setting and then discuss fantasy fun after Walt and Jen left. I consulted with Brad and Stacey, and they agreed, so I called Doug and Marsha. They thought it was a great idea too. They arrived around noon on Sunday with a big bowl of potato salad and a just-baked raspberry pie. Doug brought along a bottle of Bird Dog Blackberry bourbon, my favorite bourbon when I drink. I asked how he knew it was my favorite, and he laughed and said he didn’t know, but he had tried it a few years before and enjoyed how smooth it was.

Shortly after, Brad and Stacey arrived, and we got to talk openly for about 15 minutes before Walt and Jen arrived. We all got along great, and I could see that Doug was really attracted to Stacey. She’s also a lovely woman with pale white skin, long dark hair, and strikingly blue eyes.

The chicken was freshly grilled and tasted fantastic, as did everything else. Later, we lounged in the pool and talked. It’s a shame that Jen isn’t interested in exploring with others. Walt knew that I enjoyed sex with other couples (he didn’t know about the fun I shared with Brad and Stacey) but had once told me about his fantasy of sharing Jen with another man. He convinced her to try it with me about 15 years before, and we started a bit… she enjoyed my going down on her as Walt watched, and even had two orgasms as I explored and stimulated her very hot, small body. When I moved up and slowly slid into her very tight pussy, I could see tears in her eyes. She couldn’t talk but nodded her head to say, “Yes.” I continued to push in deeper. She was loving it and enjoyed three more very powerful orgasms before I filled her pussy. I honestly thought she was going to want to do this often.

We didn’t do anything more, just talked, and she seemed fine. The three of us talked, and I assured her that I’d never tell our friends, and that I’d respect her wishes and wouldn’t try to get her to do it again. When Walt left us to get drinks, she did say that she enjoyed it and had never experienced sex like that before.

After they left the BBQ, the five of us talked and discussed what everyone wanted to experience. We made plans to get together in three weeks on a Saturday and Sunday when we were all free.