Free sex on the beach

Free sex on the beach

I love exposing my penis to other people’s sight. I like the thrill of being attracted to someone who’s looking at me. I also like to share my nude photos and even record myself playing with my bird. I really like it when someone wants to see my naked body. I wish I could appear naked in public. Anyone could see me then. I don’t mean a place where I could offend someone. I think more of a beach with nudists. In such places you can sometimes meet a person willing to have sex for free. I like such occasions. However, I must admit that I would not do it for the sake of freedom. I mean sexual pleasure.

Last weekend, I decided to check out my new bike. It was a nice sunny day. I didn’t have much to do. I put my swimming trunks in my backpack and went to the seaside. Once I arrived I had to change near the bike path. I took off my jeans, blouse and helmet. I went to the beach. It was hard for me to walk briskly on the sand. I was walking along the shore to find a suitable spot and undress. I found myself going towards the dunes. I finally found a piece of beach that suited me. I couldn’t see anyone in sight. I unfolded the towel and quickly undressed.

I remembered to take my suntan oil with me. I took it out of my backpack and poured some onto my hands. I smeared my crotch a lot and rubbed my cock carefully. It shone nicely in the sun’s rays. I lay down comfortably on the towel. I closed my eyes. I let my cock rest freely.

Every now and then I looked at the beach. I’ve seen people walking by the shore. They saw me naked, but they didn’t run away. I liked having an audience. Sometimes I closed my eyes. Heard someone pass me by from time to time. Sometimes they stopped and looked at me. I liked it.

After a while, I noticed a guy who had been there before. He came back and was standing in one place with a pretty good view of me. I glanced at him. He too was looking at me. I was enjoying this voyeurism. After a while, he stood in a different place. He was sideways to me. I saw his dick. He looked big. I was hoping for free sex with him. I watched it and saw it grow. Eventually, it stopped completely. He was really bloated now. I didn’t know what to do and I wasn’t sure what I wanted. I decided to get up and lean on my elbows. I signaled him that I could see him. He was spinning in place. I have seen him from different angles. It was a good sight. I still didn’t know whether to speak up or not. I angled myself so that he could peer at my naked body. He began to masturbate. After a few minutes, I could see his wildness in his eyes. His dick exploded. He shot his sperm into the sand. Wow, he came. Thought I’d like to masturbate with him. I almost came to the thought of it. After a while, his cock became soft. He moved on, leaving me alone. I wanted to see him again.

I lay down and relaxed. I closed my eyes. My penis was saggy, but I was relaxed and listened to the music. I listened to people passing by. After a while I glanced at the beach and after a few minutes noticed a guy. He turned around and stopped in different places. I’ve seen him before too. He looked a bit perverted. “Will I have sex with this guy for free?” – I thought. He was wearing a T-shirt and his cock appeared to be small. Honestly, I didn’t care who was looking at me. All he had to do was watch.

While he was standing there, I decided to have some fun. I started rubbing myself. I have pushed my foreskin back several times. I made sure he was watching. Then I closed my eyes and relaxed. After a while I looked at him. He was a few yards away on my right. Then he shifted to the left side. I closed my eyes and waited.

After a few minutes that took forever for me, I felt a handshake on my dick. The foreskin shifted. I felt a quick movement of my hand. I was in shock. He walked over without a word and grabbed my dick. Amazingly, I wasn’t scared. I gave him a field to show off. My penis started to grow. This guy was doing me good. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the intense pleasure. While I was lying, I was hoping he would take my penis in his mouth. I was hoping his mouth would sink into my cock. I wanted to experience it. The thought excited me very much. I tensed my legs. Hips lifted up. I wanted to get as much out of his hand as possible. For the first time in my life I came across sex for free in complete silence. My cock exploded. I squirted my sperm into the air. He still held me and did well. He ran his hand along my penis even though I was having contractions. He caressed me until all the sperm came out of me.

After all, he got up and walked away. Without a word. I was shocked again. “Who was that guy?” – I thought. He left me and my sperm behind. I lay there for a while longer. Then I decided it was time to go home. If it was the same guy who was masturbating on the beach, I’d love to meet him again. It would be nice to see him up close while he orgasms.

I was really impressed that day. It was my first time naked at the beach. Later I missed warm weather. Certainly, I will go there again next season. I am considering a holiday in the Canary Islands. While it will be winter in Poland, I will be able to shed my clothes there. Perhaps I will experience some bodily adventure there.

I found this beach situation absolutely fantastic. Some random guy had the guts to grab my bird and make me boil. I’ve also heard of parties where people are dancing naked. That would surely be something for me. May there be many liberated and open-minded people in the Canary Islands. Free sex in the Canary Islands, that’s what it is!