Crazy Places to Hookup

DTF? Here are Crazy Places to Hookup!

Somebody needs to tell you this… no one is happy to hear a sex story where you hooked up at home, in bed, while staring at your ceiling. That’s not what produces steamy love affairs, and it certainly doesn’t make for repeat performances. If you’re in a long-term relationship and have the same kind of sex in the same location every time, chances are your partner is bored. If you’re with a fling, you should also frequently change up locations to keep the relationship spicy.

You’re already on your way to some steamy fun if you found someone to hook up with on Adultfriendfinder. Hooking up in unconventional places gives your sex life the blood-pumping, adrenaline-inducing excitement your partner desires. Get out of your routine and into new locations. Pitch one of these five crazy places to get it on to your partner, and before you know it, they might have some ideas of their own!

The Ocean

That song, “Cake by The Ocean,” might be less about eating frosting in the sunlight and more about one of the best spots to go at it with your lover. What can be sexier than rolling around in the sand with someone who gets you hot in all the right ways?

Most beaches are public, so finding one you can access late at night is your best bet on this covert mission. Leave your items in a memorable but hidden spot and head to the salty waters to check off the first stop of this sexual bucket list.

Try to plan this for summer too because no one needs to worry about shrinkage when they’re trying to impress. Sit at the beach for a while to make sure that no one’s hiding in the shadows, and when the coast is clear, get to it.

Also, please make sure there are no children anywhere in sight. Nothing ruins your life like having to get on a registry. Even better, go to a beach with no one on it and avoid the issue altogether.

Public Bathrooms

What’s so great about getting it on in a public restroom? For one, you can find one anywhere, and for two, THEY LOCK. When you’re moving your sex life out of the bedroom, getting caught is many people’s biggest fear, and for good reason! Public sex can be frowned upon, but that’s what makes it so exhilarating.

However, you need to know a few things before having sex in a public restroom. First, choose a restroom where two people can easily enter together. Bathrooms that are single-stall or larger work best. You’re going to want to choose one that you know is likely to be clean as well. Nothing kills the mood like a foul-smelling bathroom. Choose a nice busy restaurant so that no one will notice you two slipping in together.

Once you’ve checked those boxes, there’s not much more to it. So bend your partner over the sink and have at it. There’s something hot about doing it in front of a mirror, so the sink is the perfect spot. Even if you wash up after, you’ll feel dirtier leaving than when you came in.

Dressing Rooms

Dressing rooms are designed for you to undress, which is exactly why they are one of the wildest places to hook up. Think about it; you’ve been dragged around a mall all day for things you didn’t want to buy; the least your partner could do is give you something hot in return.

To perfect your dressing room hookup, you’ll need to ensure there’s no attendant at the entrance. Many places divide by gender, so you may have to do a little searching. Lock that door behind you and start taking things off when you find that holy grail of dressing rooms.

One thing to remember about getting frisky in a having sex on a rooftop does not indicate you can’t have some style. Bring a blanket, some candle lights, and some music. Make it a memorable experience for you and your partner. When you’re up there, you’ll feel like the only two people on the planet, which is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

Remember, no matter where you choose to have sex, be safe, and always respect other people’s privacy. Keep in mind that public sex is not legal in most places, and you could face legal consequences if caught. So, have fun, but also be mindful of your surroundings and the people around you.

In conclusion, if you’re looking to add some excitement to your sex life, trying out new locations can be a great way to do it. From the beach to the dressing room, there are many places where you and your partner can get it on and make memories that will last a lifetime. Just make sure to keep it consensual, safe, and legal.