naked in your front backyard

Did you know that there are communities in the US where you can be naked in your front backyard, and it’s entirely legal?

Seriously, there are places where seeing your neighbor head out fully naked to get the mail is simply an everyday incident. It may sound strange to the majority of us, but it’s simply everyday life in places understood as nudist colonies.

What is a Nudist Community?

In simple terms, a nudist community is a place where people can freely live their everyday lives in the nude. Often it’s a real community, while other times, it’s simply a cluster of mobile house systems in the same area. Some of these communities are quite high-end, made up of townhouses, condominiums, and single-family homes, making them appear like a typical gated neighborhood until you walk inside the gates. The only difference is that in these communities, wearing clothing is optional.

Numerous luxury nudist communities will even have resorts on the premises. Many individuals start by going on nude cruises and checking out nude resorts, then decide if it’s something they would like to do 24/7.

The Swinger Misconception

Many who are not familiar with nudist colonies assume all nudists are swingers. “They’re naked, therefore, they must be sexual deviants” is a common idea, but that’s completely false. It’s not uncommon to have this idea because, when naked, individuals think of sex. However, there’s no connection between the two, as getting naked and making love are two completely different things for nudists.

It’s worth noting, however, that some nudist resorts and communities do occasionally host swinger parties. Some residents like to participate in these events, often referring to it as a “way of life.” But, of course, you can be a nudist living in a nudist community without taking part in the swinger parties, as participation is optional.

Are Nudist Colonies Full of Retirees?

This stereotype probably stems from the reality that many nudist beaches are packed with the 50+ crowd, and frankly, it does hold some water. While the ages in these resorts and communities range from the 20s to much older, the communities tend to attract older people ready to live comfortably. Of course, some of them may still work, but chances are that they’ve moved from their primary residence to a nudist community, and their jobs are not going with them.

Nudist resorts are like any other vacation resort; therefore, you are free just to show up. Of course, there are some nudist resorts where single men aren’t permitted, and others charge single men more than females. These resorts are much more welcoming to couples to provide an excellent balance of genders.

What do People do in Nudist Colonies?

Nudists do a lot of the same things that non-nudists do. They have hobbies, go out with friends, and take care of their homes. Many residents will have many activities they enjoy doing in the nude, such as repairing the car, riding a bike, taking a pet for a walk in the area, playing Scrabble with friends, or just going for a walk. They enjoy being in the nude, so any extra activity where they can be free is something they thoroughly enjoy.

If you don’t know where this is coming from, you can always go to a nudist beach and test the waters. You’d be surprised how enjoyable it can be to go skinny dipping and feel the breeze across your skin instead of over your clothing.

Do Nudists Ever Leave Their Community?

Of course, some nudists might need to leave their community to go grocery shopping or do daily tasks they cannot do in the nude. Some nudist communities have everything within the community, so there’s no need to leave for everyday activities.

All Nudist Colonies Have Rules

No matter which nudist community you wish to join, there are certain standards and guidelines that must be followed. These policies may vary depending on the location of the nudist colony, but most nudist communities have a set of common rules.

Wearing underwear, lingerie, or suggestive clothing is not allowed. Nudists prefer to separate nudity from sexuality, so provocative clothing is prohibited. This rule may seem strange to newcomers, but it’s important to remember that being naked is not mandatory in nudist communities. Some people choose to be nude on certain days and dressed on others. You are free to walk around naked or wear clothes, whichever you prefer.

Although some people assume that all nudists are swingers, this is not true. While some high-end nudist communities may offer resort-style amenities, sex in public areas is not allowed. Nudist communities are not sexually charged environments and are not intended for sexual activity.

Participation in swinger parties is optional, and not all nudists participate in such events. Some people may move to a nudist community full-time, while others may maintain a primary residence outside of the community and visit for vacations or extended stays.

It’s important to note that while many daily tasks can be done while nude, some nudists may need to leave the community to run errands or go grocery shopping.