A Very Happy Birthday

AFF Member Erotic Stories – A Very Happy Birthday

My birthday was a week away when I got the invitation. It was from Candace, a lady I ‘d met online and talked with for numerous months; in fact, we had actually never ever met, but gradually we had actually become very close. We shared crucial news, spoke about politics and culture, and shared our sexual dreams with each other. (I ‘d even told her about my bisexual dreams.).

That all changed the day I got her e-mail. We would lastly get to satisfy. I got a little dressed up, and at 8 o’clock exactly, I was knocking on her door.

A few seconds later, it opened, and there she stood, her brilliant eyes smiling at me. She had long, curly blonde hair and naughty eyes. She wore a low-cut blue skirt which was very flattering and really short. I smiled, feeling my heart race.

Hi,” I said nervously.

Delighted birthday,” she reached and smiled up to kiss me on the cheek. I ‘d seen pictures of her previously, and she was more stunning in person.


To supper, of course,” she said, laughing. “I’ve got the location selected currently.“.

She and Brad were still together. We may be “simply buddies,” however I might at least invest the supper wishful. We completed, and I drove her back to her house.

Well, thanks,” I stated. “That was really nice. I’m happy to have satisfied you in individual finally.” I was and smiled about to kiss her goodnight. I hoped she wouldn’t stop me.

Aren’t you being available in?” she said, with an innocent tone in her voice. Immediately that tone vanished, as she added, “You desire to get your present, don’t you?” and she looked straight into my eyes. She didn’t need to ask twice. I leaned down, put my hands on her hips, and leaned in to kiss her gently, lightly, not totally sure that I should. She didn’t withstand. Instead, she put her arms around my neck and kissed me back. We ran back through her door and into her living room as our kiss got more intense; her tongue was sweet and attractive in my mouth, and our breathing was coming faster and quicker.

I never wanted to stop kissing her and feeling the curves of her body under my hands. I was reaching up with one hand to cup her breast and down with another to feel the smoothness of her leg. She dragged her hand down my back and then around, and I felt the palm of her hand on my cock, rigid and irritated now with my desire for her.

In a 2nd, she had my dick complimentary, so hard it practically injured, and pounding lightly with every heartbeat. My entire frame was trembling a little with enjoyment as she began to move her fingers up and down my shaft.

I tossed my head back and groaned at the pleasure, and the next thing I felt was her lips surrounding the head of my penis. Her tongue flickered over me so quick it felt like a thousand tongues, and my enjoyment was such that I couldn’t hold back any longer. With no warning, my balls burst, and a stream of orgasm jetted into her mouth, and another one and another.

My body shook and shook, and lastly, the last drops of my cum had actually filled her mouth, and she pulled away from me, a long string of sperm joining the tip of my dick to her tongue. I reached down and kissed her frantically, feeling the heat of my orgasm still on her tongue, and I rolled her over on top of me and pulled the straps of her dress down. I felt high; I saw little streaks in my eyesight; my whole body felt hot to the touch.

I moved my hands up her legs and understood the lacy top of her panties. She pressed herself up so I could slide them down and off of her, and quickly she was free, the gown hanging loosely from her waist. She kneeled back down once again, her legs on either side of my head, and my mouth was quickly swallowed up in the hot dampness of her pussy. I raced my tongue up and down her crack, feeling her damp withins open for my tongue.

Ohhh,” she moaned as I tasted her sweet juices. My hands cupped her ass, feeding her pussy harder onto my tongue and loving every second. She rolled her hips back and forth, and moaned louder as I moved the suggestion of my tongue up and down, then as deep into her as I could reach, and after that back up to brush over her clitoris. Then I pushed it back into her. It took a few minutes of his prior to she was jerking her hips up and down on my face, her gasps becoming yelps.

I felt her legs squeeze hard versus my head, and her whole body shivered. I smiled back and was about to speak when I felt her pussy contact my once-more solidified cock. I just stared back as I felt myself enter her, pushing deep inside her stomach till lastly, I was as deep as I might reach.

Ohh!” she shouted. Her breasts swayed prior to my eyes, the nipples tough and ideal. She would rise up and after that slam herself pull back on me, discharging a cry whenever my cock would permeate her once again. Her stomach was so hot against me that I could hardly believe it. I had thought about this for so long. “Oh, God Candace YES!” I shouted. After a few minutes of this, I grabbed her and rolled her over, so I was on top. I reached my arms underneath her and comprehended her shoulders, and started to slam myself into her as difficult as I could. I pulled my entire cock from her and then thrust it as deep in her as I might reach, feeling her body jerk. Then I would draw back once again. She was shouting with joy, her eyes shut hard, a small wrinkle forming in between her eyebrows. She was loving every second of it, and I never ever wanted it to end either, however I could feel the end beginning. I began to pace myself, teasing her somewhat. I stopped still.

Oh, fuck me!” she gasped.

Fuck me please?” I laughed.

I slammed into her again, pumping hard, and her body began to shake. “Oh, god, I’m going to come!”

I held her tight. I wanted to feel every shiver of her orgasm. I was fucking her with all my might, particles of sweat were drizzling down from my forehead, and her whole body would spasm with every thrust of my hips.

Oh, Bill! Oh GOD!”.

She began to come, her eyes opening broad, then her mouth, in a silent scream. I felt her nipples tighten against my chest, her breathing catch for a split second. The wave of euphoria raised up, was reluctant, and then came crashing over her. She screamed in shock, and her body took off on me. I could feel her pussy clamping down, and the sight of her back arching, her head thrown back in euphoria, and the sensation of her quaking body was all too much. The dam burst once again, and I came deep inside her tummy, putting the rest of my orgasm inside her with a few spasmodic jerks of my hips.

Her fingers were digging into my back, my arms were clenching her so tight versus me she could barely breathe. Gradually, peace came to us, and our panting, soaked bodies fell back to the sofa together. We kissed, our chests rising and falling versus each other as we relaxed and our muscles loosened.

Thanks,” I gasped, “for the– birthday– present.”.

She smiled and closed her eyes.

That wasn’t your birthday present,” she said. I frowned, and she opened her eyes again. “That was for me,” she said. “Your present’s in the closet.“Huh?” I said. I waited on a 2nd; I didn’t wish to leave her body. “Go on,” she whispered, smiling gently. The interest was too much. I gradually slid my deflating cock out of her and got up. My feet made amusing slapping noises as I padded down the hall with my cock swaying absurdly in between my legs. I reached the closet door, and with one hand, I gradually opened it.

There stood Brad. He was naked. Candace’s voice wandered up from behind the back of the couch. “Happy birthday.“.

He was beautiful. His body was completely formed, muscular however not extreme, with simply the smallest trace of love deals with. He had brief black hair and tough eyes. His chest was flat and broad, with a little hair, which thinned to a tiny stripe to his stubborn belly button. There was his dick– it was big, and it stuck out directly at me. I stopped briefly a second, still struck by his appeal. And then, without a word, I fell to my knees.

His hand touched the back of my head extremely gently, assisting me to the target. I opened my mouth and took the head of his perfect manhood in. I licked and drew and raised my hands up to cup the heavy balls that swayed below, but he didn’t come.

I pumped the shaft while swirling my tongue around the pointer, but he still didn’t come. That was fine by me. I wished to praise him forever. However after a while, I felt him reach down and pull at my shoulders. I obeyed and stood. He covered his arms around me and kissed me, a deep soul kiss, his tongue versus mine. I could feel his dick push against me, and mine began to increase once again too. I heard a peaceful noise as Candace walked up behind me. “You have actually wanted this for a long time, Costs,” she stated, “but you’ve constantly been afraid. Now I’ll be here with you the entire method. There’s absolutely nothing to fear.” I broke our kiss and smiled at her as I slowly reached over and took his shaft in my hand.

It’s wonderful, Candace,” I stated. “You’re terrific.” We walked calmly to the bed room, and Brad let me down, his mouth moving down the side of my neck and over my chest. But his powerful hands held my waist and assisted me around, so gently but insistently that I barely noticed as he placed me on my hands and knees. The bed moved, and immediately, Candace was lying next to me, her face directly underneath mine. “I’ll be right here,” she whispered, and I felt her hand take mine. Her fingers interlaced with mine just as I felt Brad’s hand in between my butts, spreading out child oil down the crack and against my opening. My heart was beating so fast it felt like it was in my skull. When I felt his finger penetrate me, I could not speak however could let out a squeaky sort of moan.

I closed my eyes for a moment, and when I opened them, Candace was still there, her gorgeous face underneath me. Very slowly, I leaned my head down and kissed her as gently as rain. At that immediate, I felt the moving of the bed as Brad placed himself behind me and directed the suggestion of his shaft to my ass. The minute was here. I tightened my hand on Candace’s as he started to push– push– push– the pressure getting harder as my ass extended, and then finally, like a release, the head of his huge shaft was inside me. I let out my breath as he sank inch after inch inside me. It seemed like it was going in permanently– every inch seemed like a foot, and I was being split apart. I enjoyed it. The feeling of surrender was amazing. After an eternity, I felt his hips lock against mine, and I understood he was inside me completely. “Oh … GOD!” I cried. “Oh … oh god.”.

I could not speak, I couldn’t believe, all I could do was enjoy the sensation till he pulled back with his hips and began to leave me. I felt myself begin to stress– he couldn’t leave now! But in a flash, he was pushing back into me, and I felt his hips versus my ass once again. He was fucking me, thrusting his dick into my guts again and again. Each thrust was faster than the last until he had a best rhythm going against me. I smiled down at Candace as she enjoyed my face swaying back and forth over her. “Oh, he’s best!” I said. “Oh, fuck me!“.

It couldn’t go permanently, and quickly I heard his panting grow louder, and his fingers began to tighten versus my hips as he pulled me back and forth over his penis. His groan rose louder and louder into a shout, and then he covered his arms around my ribs in a terrific bear-hug and tugged me back versus his dick. He pushed me forward and then again heaved me back against his powerful hips as his balls pulsed a 2nd load of orgasm into me.

His arms were crushing me versus his spouting dick, and then his strength started to subside. His hips still lurched rhythmically, his dick– somewhere in my guts– pulsed like a heartbeat, pouring his sperm inside me. A couple of more squirts, and finally, he launched me, his strength invested. It was overwhelming. We spent the night sleeping in each other’s arms. I had actually never understood such peace. In the morning, I awoke to the sounds of lovemaking. Brad was thrusting his massive cock into Candace from behind, best beside me. I just lie there, enjoying the stunning couple fucking each other quietly. And after that I moved over below them that I could watch him penetrate her body with the exact same terrific force that he ‘d simply used on me. When he might take it no longer, he discharged the exact same terrific growl, jerked his dick from her, and poured his sperm into my waiting mouth. I knew we would be together for a long period of time to come.

She dragged her hand down my back and then around, and I felt the palm of her hand on my dick, stiff and inflamed now with my desire for her. I felt high; I saw little streaks in my eyesight; my entire body felt hot to the touch.

I smiled back and was about to speak when I felt her pussy contact my once-more solidified dick. I might feel her pussy clamping down, and the sight of her back arching, her head tossed back in ecstasy, and the sensation of her quaking body was all too much. It felt like it was going in permanently– every inch felt like a foot, and I was being divided apart.