Nudist Beach Adventure

Advice For People Going To A Nude Beach For The First Time

If you’re planning to visit an exotic nude beach, it may be useful to review the etiquette of such beaches before you undress. The guide below will help you avoid any synthetic pas and enjoy feeling the sun and sand on your skin to the fullest!

Make Sure it’s a Nude Beach

Few locations allow public nudity, and many beaches have a separate area for nudists. Your first step is to make sure the beach you are visiting is nude-friendly. There will often be a sign indicating where the clothing-optional area begins and ends, so pay close attention to avoid getting fined (or worse) for being naked in the wrong area.

Nudity is Always Optional

You don’t have to undress right away if you’re not sure that you’ll be comfortable taking off your clothes in front of other naked strangers. Rather, if you want to test the waters initially, attempt going to a nudist beach with some clothing on, and as you get a feel for the location, you can choose whether you want to try being naked.

Get Familiar with Local Regulations

Remember that while there is overall etiquette surrounding a nude beach, rules will vary from one place to the other. Before you get naked and hit the sand, familiarize yourself with the local laws and policies. Additionally, you should determine whether public nudity is officially legal or just tolerated.

The nude beach will have the rules listed on site, but also try looking up the rules online and asking the locals ahead of time. Knowing the basic rules for a nude beach will be expected of every nudist on that beach.

Staring Is Never Respectful

In general, it’s rude to stare at others. This is especially true on a nude beach, as looking can be perceived as threatening for obvious reasons. Most people tend to be vulnerable and self-conscious when they’re nude, so you should avoid making them feel uncomfortable. Bring a book and bury your face in it if you don’t know what else to do.

No One Wants Their Image Taken!

While taking photos of the beach is usually appropriate, this isn’t always the case on a nude beach. Here, people are in their most vulnerable state and do not want their pictures taken, even if they’re just part of the background. Avoid taking pictures with your mobile phone, and if you decide to snap a selfie, make sure you’re not making others uncomfortable.

Bring a Towel (Seriously)

A nude beach means that you get to be completely naked, but you’ll still need a towel. First of all, there’s sand everywhere, and you’ll need a towel to lie down. More importantly, because you’re in the nude, you’re required to bring a towel to use when you sit in beachfront restaurants, bars, and other common areas where nudity is allowed.

Apply Sunscreen All Over

Because they’re not used to regular exposure to the sun, people new to the nude beach lifestyle tend to forget that their private areas can sunburn easily. Now that they finally are, you should put sunscreen on all parts of your body and reapply often.

Social Distancing is a Must

When you reach a nude beach, you need to pick a location that is not taken and does not have other nudists around. You need to have plenty of space between your towel and a stranger’s towel, as this ensures them that you have no intention of infringing on their privacy. It’s a comfort thing you need to consider.

Sexual Behavior Is Not Allowed

This should be fairly obvious, you cannot engage in any lewd behavior, whether with your partner or someone you just met. Nudists need to know the difference between being nude and enjoying the feeling and getting down and busy with their partner. Any sex is unacceptable and is viewed just as respect the privacy of others, and you’ll have a great time feeling the sun and sand on your skin. Remember, being naked is natural and normal, and there’s no need to feel embarrassed or ashamed. Just enjoy yourself and have fun!