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Adult naughtyfriendgirl Featured Members: WeFuckEmAll

1. How long have you been members of Adult FriendFinder?

We have been members of AFF for about four years now.

2. What made you decide to join the website?

After we dated and got together for a while, we decided to use Mr.’s existing account as a swinger couple. We wanted to meet other like-minded singles and swingers who were local and even when we travel! Mr. had experience using the website before we were a couple, so it was easy to get started again on the site.

3. Tell us about your favorite Adult FriendFinder experience.

Our favorite experience was with a woman we met for drinks who lived a short drive away from the city. We hit it off and decided to meet again soon. We found ourselves all rolling around naked on a large king-sized bed, and the ladies had lots of fun! She brought roses with her to surprise us after we were done playing. We took some sensual pictures with the roses and the sunlight pouring into the room on our naked bodies.

4. What is your favorite feature of the website?

Our favorite part of the website is the number of users and how friendly they are. There is always someone to send messages to, chat with on IM, or watch on video. With the high number of users, we also enjoy the video broadcast function. We like to get on video and broadcast our bodies and sexual activity for everyone to see; it’s exciting and erotic!

5. Do you have any recommendations for new members who don’t know how to start socializing with people on the website?

New members should post pictures and write a good description, but not too much detail; you want to leave something to chat about. Try to get people’s attention by asking questions that will help start a conversation. Consider body shot images that show your torso. It will not encourage or discourage contacts; everyone knows what they are looking for, so make it easy for them.

6. Do you think the pandemic has affected your ability to find in-person connections over the last two years?

The pandemic has changed things for connecting with people in person. But once everyone is comfortable, things will return to normal. We all need to be aware that everyone has different health needs, so this should be discussed along with the usual talk about using protection and boundaries, etc.

7. What are you looking for in a connection?

For a hookup, we enjoy threesomes more than couples but will still meet couples and enjoy full swap and sometimes just a group of naked people on a large bed. We have met some amazing couples and had some great play. Threesomes are fun with both men and women; we try to balance it out but lean towards meeting single females.